3rd Week Flowering Problem

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  1. Just noticed that one of my Lowryders' is starting to show some problems. It started off with purple along the tips and edges of the leaves and eventually spread and is now more of a black/brown with spotting and some discoloration.

    I believe that this problem also occurred in my last grow but I could never figure out what was the problem and it eventually caused the leaves to become brownish, brittle and had to harvest early. I'm positive it's not because of cold temperatures because these are running on a continuous light cycle and cabinet rarely goes below 67.

    What type of medium; soil or hydro?- soil
    What brand and type of soil? - FFOF/FF light warrior/ perlite/ N guano
    Indoors or outdoors?- indoor
    What strain?- Lowryder 2
    How old is the plant?- 35 days
    What is your watering frequency and source of water?- Every 4-5 days, distilled water with cal mag added
    What, how much and when was it fed?-
    Fed 4 days ago with 1 TBSP of Big Bloom and 1 tsp Tiger Bloom
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro?- runoff is about 6.1 right now, I've added lime and slowly bringing it up
    What are the temps and humidity in the room?- 75-80 F/ ~30% humidity
    What size pots?- 1 gal.
    Any bugs? Look real close. None.

    My plant also seems to be on the very short side, even for an autoflower. Right now she's stuck at 6 1/4 in. and has been that way for several days now. I don't know if the stunted growth is part of the problem or another one all together.

    Here are 2 leaves that I cut that seemed to be the worst. It seems to be covering the whole plant but only doing this on the big fan leaves.

    Please help guys.
  2. How much light do you have? I dunno much about TigerBloom and BigBloom but do they provide micronutrients? CalMag is great but there's tons of other ones the plant might need. Also, is the CalMag necessary or are you doing it as a precaution? It might be burning the little guys.
  3. Fix the ph, maybe take her to around 6.5
  4. Just curious, are you ph'ing your water + nutes before you feed? If not, you should be
  5. I have around 225 actual watts of CFL.

    I believe that Tiger Bloom just contains the nutrients of its NPK but Big Bloom, im pretty sure, has micronutrients. My Calmag plus only has an NPK of 1-0-0 and I'm using 1 tsp per gallon.
    The reason I'm using it though is because I use distilled water which has close to 0 ppm so I use it to supplement.

    I'm working on bringing the PH up. I added lime a couple weeks ago to the soil to hopefully help stabilize. Also, I've raised the PH of my water up to 7.5 to help raise the soil PH as well.

    Yes, I am PH the water after adding any Cal mag or Nutes. I'm using

    Milwaukee Instruments

    and while it isn't the best meter but its a big step up from the drops I was using last grow.
  6. Howdy partner! Looks like a little Phosporous deficiency to me. Note the brown spots and yellowing around them. Is the plant dark green overall? Red/purple stems & stalks (stripes perhaps)?

    I think you need to increase your dosage just a bit, I use FF myself and know it can burn, so have to be careful. If you increase just a bit to 1.5 tsp and give it a week or two the problem should cease. Keep in mind the damage is done and those damaged leaves will continue to deteriorate even if you fix the issue. I usually cut 'em off so I can see if any new spotting is happening.

    Good job on the CalMag - 5ml / gal should be just about right, even if you are not using nutes, CalMag your water. And very good job on the lime ;)

    I may be wrong but that's what it looks like to me, hope this helps some. P defs are a bitch because they almost identically look like nute burn. More pics would help decide either way, but I'm leaning towards the P def.

    Good luck!
  7. The plant isn't abnormally dark green at all but that may just be from most of the fan leaves are starting to turn more yellow. I also took a closer look and it does look like the affected leaves have red petioles.

    Also, after looking up P deficiency, what you said makes a lot of sense. But do you think the P def. is due to my lower PH?
  8. I don't think ph is the main problem here, you'll normally see magnesium & calcium issues first if it's ph, take a look at this, note that P gets locked out pretty damn low for soil.

  9. Well, you've convinced me my friend :D

    I'll take your advice and up the dosage to 1.5 tsp/gal.

    Do you think it's alright that I watered her yesterday with just straight calmag water and water a little bit again today with some Tiger Bloom then proceed to dry out as normal?
  10. You can - but I don't really recommend it. If you were using coco I would say hell yeah do it (sorry, I am the coco evangelist LOL) but in soil too much watering can be bad and affect P uptake. If you have added lots of perlite then you might be OK to hit them again so soon. I think one day of no water might be enough though, you can put a fan blowing on the dirt to help the evaporation process a bit, and the roots will enjoy the cooler soil & air LOL
  11. Will do, thanks Ed! :hello:

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