3Rd Time Lucky?

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  1. HEY GC

    With Two successful little crops harvested and good few ounces inhaled, im back for the summer of 2013 this time with a seed from the greenhouse seedbank of Super Silver Haze; which is now growing at an alarming rate, also if u look at my previous grows on my past 2 threads you will see Eileen (thanks Old School for naming her) who i loved and grew into an Amazing plant. So with a successful 1st grow thanks to the GC peeps, from what i learnt i took into my 2nd grow with two clones and had her babies grow into monsters with Fimming, LSTing and super cropping i ended up with a potent smoke, so here are a few pix of whats been happening with my new ladies, pix of previous grows on my previous posts. 

     Supersilverhaze (taller bigger and longer spaces between nodes) 
     Pepsi Kush ( a seed from 1 hermied bud from Eileen)

    So now i feel blessed and very lucky, but it has been alot down to the GC peeps that have taken time to reply, so thank you!

    I use a 400w HPS
    Garden centre soil
    4'' extractor fan
    12'' office fan

    Re homed the ladies into their mansion of 10L pots today so No nutes as yet

    Is it 3rd time Lucky? or third time following good advice! each has been better than the last, this time we will see what pops up but i need to understand nutes further so any advice welcomed!!!

    Happy Tokin'


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  2. Hey Missevo, glad to see you back. Somehow I lost my subscription to your old thread, just perused it quickly after your pm alerted me. Got to go back & check the pic's when I'm not dead tired and on my way to vacation starting tomorrow. Will try to catch up again over the next week or two.
    Be seeing ya soon.
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    Hey missevo, back from vacation, back to work, playing catch up on the forum. It's been more than a couple of weeks since your previous pic's, curious to see your progress.
    Not familiar with Garden center soil, is that a basic potting mix or what? Any nutrients added?
    Some soil-less mixes come with practically no nutrient value, but most are amended with various forms of dry or time released fertilizers. A few are organically amended with things like fish meal, bone meal, bat guano, worm castings, etc.
    How you use nutrients all depends upon the soil you're starting with. Nutrient-amended soil is usually sufficient to get through veg, then you can start feeding with a bloom based formula. If it's an inert soil mix, you need to start feeding during early veg, right after the initial transplant shock wears off & the plants start showing new growth. Start with a 1/4 strength formula, gradually increasing to 50%.

    If you decide you need a nutrient regimen, there's lots of good stuff out there; Advanced Nutrients (AN) and General Hydroponics (GH) to name a couple. GH actually has several varieties; the one I like best is their three part Flora series. It's available in a quart / liter size starter pack, one each of each formulation, Grow, Micro and Bloom. Usually about $35 USD for the starter pack.
    If you're on a budget and need to keep costs down, GH makes a 2-part dry formula; MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom. One for vegetative growth and one for bloom. Not as effective as the 3-part liquid Flora series, but cheaper and very good for the money.

    For application in soil, you only need to mix at 50% strength of the package directions, then adjust the pH to the ideal 6.5 - 6.8 pH range(6.3 to 7.0 is the safe maximum range for soil).
    Nutrients are applied, usually, every second or third time you water.
    Each time you use straight water, also adjust the pH to your ideal range before applying, then check the pH of the runoff to assure it's staying in the ideal 6.5 to 6.8 range.
    If the runoff pH is less than you put in, this usually indicates your nutrient solution and/or accumulated salts in the soil are getting too strong. Increase the number of waterings with straight pH-ed water, monitoring pH each time, until it comes down to your safe range.
    If your pH runoff drifts higher than what you put in, this usually means nutrient levels are being used up and you can increase nute-to-plain water intervals to every other watering.
    Watch for leaf burn or unusual discolorations; sometimes heavier and more frequent straight water flushes are needed to clear nutrient salts that tend to accumulate in the soil.

    That's the short form of nute's. You could go on for years with the various deviations, but this gets you in the middle of the road.

    If I were going to grow in dirt, I would go organic, which is an art form all in itself. A properly balanced organic mix needs months of advance preparation in order to "percolate", and give all the organisms time to form a self sustaining living mix. But once this is done, no nutrients required,and even adjusting pH is taboo. The chemicals interfere with the beneficial organisms that make organic what it is.
    I left my organic days behind me years and years ago, when I quit growing outdoors. That's when I went hydro. I like hydro better, and find it much easier to precisely furnish my plants' needs. But there's nothing wrong with a good organic dirt grow, works great... especially if you want to play with worm poop and bat do-do.
    Think about it.
    Make a choice.
    Do it.
    THEN you can make it as complicated, or as simple, as you want.

    Will watch for you to stop back in, waiting for your updates.
    As usual, bestaluck to ya.
  4. Where ya at, Missevo?
    Hope you didn't forget you have new plants to tend to!!!
  5. Hey Ye old school..,..Thanks for that nute info was so informative...3rd time lucky didn't turn out lucky....was all so promising but had to be destroyed :(

    Had GC app for my phone but it didn't work but just tried this one & I can see me old Eileen! Goodtimes!!!

    So good to have access back on GC - do you still use it?

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  6. OK, that sucks... hope you made it through whatever made you destroy your grow.
    Let us know if you decide to fire it up again, be watching for a note.

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