3rd Grow - Trainwreck, G13 Haze, Blueberry - 430w Sun Agro HPS, hydroponic

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    The two Jacky White plants I grew my second grow yielded some of the best bud I've ever smoked. So this time I went for 7:

    Greenhouse Seeds Trainwreck (x4)
    Barney's Farm G13 Haze
    Dutch Passion Blueberry
    G13 Labs Pure Gold

    Hearing everything I've heard about Trainwreck made me wanna invest in it. I'm not sure if the GHS strain comes from the original Arcata cutting, but I've read good reviews on it. Blueberry is hard to grow, finicky about nutes and doesn't yield as much, but it sounds delicious and seems like it'd be a great night time smoke. G13 Haze won the overall Cannabis Cup in 2007, so I wanted to give that a go too. It's a nice mix: G13's great Indica-dominant genetics crossed with a Sativa-heavy Haze for a nice 50/50 blend.

    I also had a Strawberry Cough seed that didn't make it past the seedling stage. The Pure Gold was a free feminized seed I got with my order from Attitude.

    So I started my third grow a few weeks ago. Germinated them mid-January in Rockwool cubes and then transplanted them to hydro shortly after.

    I'm using the Lucas Formula, the temperature is kept between 74 and 85 and the humidity around 30%. I'm reusing the black bucket from my second grow plus a Rubbermaid tub I just put together.

    While I was pressed for time my second go-around, I'm going for a harvest as big as possible given my space, so I'll be vegging for roughly two months and flip to flowering mid-April to be done sometime in June.

    Also attached are some pictures from my first and second grows.

    And just a friendly disclaimer: I don't, haven't and won't sell marijuana. I'm non-violent and smoke recreationally with friends.

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  2. Looking good,i also have GHS Trainwreck,but not growing yet.
    I'll keep an eye on this one.
  3. Dude, those girls look so beautiful !!
    They get so much trichomes coming out everywhere !!
    Damn bro, looks healthy as well.

    Keep up the good work !!

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    February 11th

    I fed them a fourth of the Lucas Formula a week ago. Outside of some very minor nute burn on the Blueberry (which I kind of expected), my girls are showing some healthy growth.

    Edit: I read to get the most bud from Blueberry you have to FIM the tops. Should I do that this week?

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    March 1st

    A week before I switch 12/12. Everything's going well, I moved up from 1/4th of the Lucas Formula to 3/4th and finally the full dosage.. Blueberry's been doing way better than expected.

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  6. March 11th

    A week into flowering. Running low on nutes and need to replace the air pump with a quieter one ASAP. The Sativa Trainwrecks are getting huge, almost hit 4 feet, and the Blueberry and G13 are doing well.

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  7. Nice setup essentials,:cool: I will be keeping an eye on the BB anf PG as I got them going in soil ,flippin to 12/12 in 2 weeks:D

    Great Job man:)
  8. hey essentials, about how tall is that g13 haze at the moment? and how long did she veg? (im assuming it was about a month, based on your post timeline)

    i ask because Im about to start some, just wondering what your experience has been with it thus far.
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    Two weeks and a day into flowering. I made a quick trip to a local hydroponic store and stocked up on nutrients. I refilled their tub with fresh water and mixed in the flowering half of the Lucas Formula.

    The 5 plants in the tub (G13 Haze, Blueberry, Trainwreck x3) are all doing good. I'm not quite sure what happened in the bucket (Pure Gold, Trainwreck), but they really struggled for a day after the nute change. They're still a little limp but seem to be getting back on track. I'll be keeping a close eye on them, and hopefully they pull through.

    They were planted in mid-January and vegged from then until March 2nd. So about a month, if you factor in the two weeks of the seedling stage.

    As for the G13: I haven't had any problems with, it just hasn't gotten that big. About two feet, maybe two and a half. I don't know if it's the genetics or not, but I'm sure if Blueberry wasn't growing so vigorously and I was able to focus more attention on just the G13, it'd be bigger. Not gonna get that much of a harvest from it, but I'm sure it'll be great bud.

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  10. Some info from my last grow on my growing conditions:

    I'm gonna bring the temps down to 60 with an AC unit later on in the flowering stage, hopefully to bring out some purple/blue hues.
  11. Great grow! Im lukin to grow the G13 and the trainwreck aswell so will b ere wit my popcorn along for the ride

    Gud luck:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  12. hey wats happening wer every1 go? Wats the update saying essential?
  13. Amen to that brotha. :D

    The babies look great, and those other buds you grew look dank as fuck man. :eek: :smoke:
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    I'll update this with a more detailed response soon but here's the rundown: I had to transport them few days ago because of a last-minute change in houses. Unfortunately, I had to chop down and kill the Pure Gold and other Trainwreck in the bucket for security and safety reasons. (Although I did manage to salvage 3-4 grams of premature bud, which is drying now.)

    On the upside, the girls in the tub (TW x3, G13 Haze and Blueberry) made it intact without much stress and no signs of them going hermie. I'm about 5 weeks into flowering and they're starting to fill out and get thicker. I'll get pics up soon, but I'm looking at a harvest of 5-6 ounces by the third week of May.

    R.I.P. Pure Gold (2009 - 2009)
  15. Pure Gold will always be in our hearts....wish it were in our lungs, though.
    Oh well, better to chop and be safe then to ruin the whole ordeal.
  16. Deepest condolances from CANADA:(
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    04/08/09 Some pictures five weeks into flowering. Couldn't take a pic with the HPS off, so these'll have to do for now. Another five and a half weeks to go :hello:

    EDIT: Some curling occurred in the Trainwreck in the back, but I got it under control.

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  18. 4/15/08

    Arjan was right, I don't really have a pic but the Trainwreck's calyxs are huge compared to the others.

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  19. Chopping them down on Sunday. I flushed this past week and I'm putting them in two days of darkness. I'll post up pics of the process.

  20. sweet will keep my eyes on the finished product. i've been wanting to grow some trainwreck myself

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