3rd grow, first stealth grow and cab grow, all CFL.

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  1. Well im starting out anter grow, and i decided to start a stealth grow and looking into making a cab , i thought i would gut a night stand and set it up,
    there the specs on it. im not done with it need to light proof it and finish the front door, im gonna rig the face of the drawers to a piece of wood and hinge them on so it looks slightly normal.

    grow specs:
    Lights, soft-white and cool blue cfl`s
    strain:local chronic
    intake:4in. computer fan
    exhaust:2 4in. computer fans.

    i have a new digital camera but i dont have the cord to it lol, so ill post pictures tomorrow. I hope you guys check it out and check the pics and i greatly welcome any advice/tips on my setup or my grow,
    thanks for stopping by, -doober
  2. Get that camera working : )
  3. heres some cell phone pivs to hold you over. the firxt is the intake, the second is the cab running, the third of exhast, please comment as i an open to all suggestions

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  4. Get those plants closer to the lights quick before they stretch!
    And uhhh.... how is a humming cabinet with light coming out of it stealthy?
  5. uhhhh.....maybe you need ro read my thread again, its not finished.
  6. Whoops. OK I see.
    So did you put the plants closer to the lights?
  7. yep they werent even sprouted in the previous pics but 1 off 3 has broken the top of the peat pellet so i moved them up within an inch of my bigest bulb.im about to go to wally-world to get a cable to unload my pics from my camera to the computer.
    thanks for stopping by and checkin my grow out. :wave:
    again as always any comments or suggestions are welcome
  8. what do you guys think on pot size`s 3 one gallons or 2 2 gallons?
  9. found ur thread, pulling up chair . . .
  10. welcome welcome, im glad to see you guys are semi interested, i still dont have a donlge for my camera yet so it will be another day or two before porper pics. but i may get stoned and bored in a bit and maybe send some more camera phone shots now that i have seedlings.

    I planted the sprouted peat pellets in some organic soil i picked up, im not sure the size it dosent say it anywhere on it, but its the perfect size for 3.
  11. Well i now have 3 seedlings that are growing wildly, i have upgraded my lighting to 8,100 lumens good pics of my setup to come soon, i hope, friggin cameras..
  12. ok heres some pics, one is of the lighting, i know its not even but im not going to try and re-arrange it tonight , the first pic is of the lights the second is of the gimp plant that isnt getitng enough light, i think im gonna tri-angle them right under it or something but on to the pics,

    s always all comments/tips are greatly apreciated

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  13. very nice, how much? just kidding, looks awesome, keep up the good work!
  14. hey this looks sweet how tall is the box and r u going to move them into a bigger container or can u train them to stay that small and just have one giant nug...
  15. well i plan on lsting the hell out of them to keep them small, i have 3 but im going down to two when i see the weakest link, im not sure the exact measure ments on my cab but i will measure it and add it in a while, i tried to start a journal while my cab was still slopy so im going to get it all togher tonite, but anyways, u cant really tell in the pics but the bottom will come off of it and the pots can sit down on the floor which will make the brim of the pots set flush to where the flor was gving me alot of room, i plan to flower in the cab so i cant let them get too big but oh well we will see what happens, thanks for stoppin by.
  16. im interested in this bc im in a house with way small closets and no unexplainable space or attic/basement so any secret/concieled growing ideas get me interested
  17. ok so its been a week since i repotted them and they all seem happy and healthy, i STILL havent rangled a cable for my camera so heres a few cellphone pics, they are getting 18/6 lighting i dont know if i mentioned it in a previous post but i upgraded my lights too 8,100 lumens of soft white cfl.
    they are thirsty ladies and need a big swig of water almost every day, the temp stays between 74-76 with 33-44 percebt humidity let me know what you guys think (if u can make out the pics)
    any and all input s welcomed as usual.

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  18. They look healthy, can't wait too see them budding~peace
  19. hey me either man lol, thanks for stopping by.
  20. I'll be checking back on your plants and LSTing.

    good luck man

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