3rd grow cfl and 400 watt

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  1. hello Evey one i am here with my 3rd grow, i have stated to germ the seeds and 2 out of 5 have sprouted.
    - 5 seeds
    - sheep manure
    - mirical grow plant starter 5-15-5
    - timer
    - ballast, reflector
    - 400 watt bulb
    - 3. 13 wat cfl (temp)
    - 2. 4.5" pots
    - spray bottle
    - digital themp and humidity reader
    - 1. computer fan

    will add pictures soon hope people will sub. will try to do day to day posts with pictures :smoke:
  2. day 1

    planted the seeds in pots with sheep manure

    lights used 3, 13 watt cfl (temp )



  3. and we have life :D

  4. day 7

    got a new thermometer and it has the out side option and i use it to tell the temp at plant level

    there is a second leaf set coming in and hoping by day 10 or 11 will have a legit pot leaf


  5. will have better pic soon
  6. Looking good, you'd be better off taking that tin foil out, it doesn't help any. Besides the box already has white walls, you're fine with that.
  7. done that thanks for the tip:D
  8. sorry havent posted a pic in a couple dayz i was gone but here ya go


  9. Sorry it's been so long will try to have more soon
    please sub

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  10. hey man your looking pretty good here. id take lbs advice and take that foil out and just leave the white walls way better.... other then that keep it up bro
  11. Thanks man and will do
  12. Topped both plants now and I have a suspicion that the bigger one is a male:(
  13. y do you think this?
  14. This is the problem sofar

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  15. Day 12

    Progress on the top on the female

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  16. htats not a male flower just leave alone man. it hasnt shown its sex yet
  17. Ok thanks man
  18. how old are your plant? they wont start showing pre flowers till there like a month old. how long are you planning on vegging for?
  19. Their a month old on the 25
  20. nice so how long do you plan on vegging/

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