3rd grade kids in Arizona being taught to hate Capitalists, white people and America.

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    You probably haven't heard much about this. Since its hate being directed towards whites, then its not seen as newsworthy. It seems brainwashing young minds to hate is A-OK, as long as they're being taught to hate the right people.

    You gotta love the irony at the end of the video. One of the council members asks that the parent stop reading whats in the curriculum because, "there are kids in here".
  2. That school is whack
  3. In related news: Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state - Yahoo! News

  4. interesting. when i was in elementary school they taught us that squanto, our lovable indian pal helped take care of and unite the white man with the tribes of natives and we all got together to have a lovely meal including turkey, sweet potatoes and delicious pies.

    did someone get raped?
  5. jeeez...drone posted something I agree is wrong....shoot me...:p

    That's pretty F'ed up at the end...I would have loved to hear his defense on censoring her, when the text book is in the class rooms uncensored...being taught as the gospel.

    tar, rope, feathers, and a donkey, a little prep work, and send both jackasses on their way...:D
  6. I'm trying to find the video, but the students from this class stormed a council meeting and handcuffed themselves to the chairs. What blew me away was all the white kids involved. Do they not realize that THEY'RE the enemy? White guilt is a powerful tool that's being used to its maximum potential these days.

    What can we do but just sit back and watch the train wreck? Its becoming increasing clear that MLK's goal of unity and teamwork has been replaced with a philosophy of pay back and hate.

    Of course nobody in the MSM will take the issue up, because fighting against non-white racism is racist in itself.

  7. ya, I remember that...same lesson plan also taught us that anyone can be president (no need to be wealthy and be a party member...)..ya, the days when everyone was ignorant and blissful...shame that the truth is so hard to coverup today...the sheeple would be much happier.;)
  8. .......

    payback is a bitch.

  9. Just because they have a book that says this kind of stuff, doesn't mean they're encouraging it. My school had copies of Mein Kampf, doesn't mean they're trying to turn us into nazis. It's good for kids to hear different viewpoints and not simply be brainwashed into believing one agenda such as "Capitalism rocks, America rocks, Socialism is evil". Teach the kids different viewpoints and let them come to their own conclusions.

  10. Its part of the damn curriculum man. They are using it.

    Huh? This is a class where the promote the viewpoints read off by this parent.

    Right.. So lets get a skin head and KKK class going as well, so that kids don't think treating other humans with respect is the only way. We wouldn't want that now would we?

    Some of you people make me want to live in a cave for the rest of my life.

  11. What do you mean by "pay back"? Just because I have peach colored skin, then I'm justifiably the target of payback? What about payback to the native Americans for having black slaves? Or how about payback to the Mexicans for their genocidal war against native Americans?
  12. Do you believe the American capitalist system is the only thing kids should learn about?
  13. I bet this issue being brought to a council makes the kids perceive a group of white people trying to oppress their school's alternative viewpoints (explaining the protest). I just can't help but think about all the white-influenced history books that oppress, hide, and skew people of color's roles in U.S. and world history. Perhaps this is a symptom of a deeper problem.
  14. My point is that capitalism isn't the only system around and it would be wrong in my eyes to ignore everything else.

  15. Are they teaching Capitalism or are they teaching kids to uncritically accept the hate of what the teachers call "Capitalism", which isn't Capitalism? ;)

    Again, this same tactic has been used for ~100 years...they aren't being honest with the students.

    The public school system in the Untied States gets worse and worse year after year despite dumping more and more money into it.
  16. Of course, the people in the video were wrong.
  17. What is in Arizona anyway?
  18. How were the people in the video wrong?

    One of my favorite songs as a kid:

  19. I meant the school.

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