3rd case of ebola in us

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  1. Seriously I'm paranoid as fuck, pretty soon it's going to be everywhere, people on planes contaminating people who go to work and get others sick, send kids to school get others Ill I just see this growing cause its constantly changing to be able to stay in the host longer. We don't know if it can be in our food or water. I really don't understand Ebola. Any help to ease my mind would help. Thoughts on the subject?

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  2. It's funny, it's almost like the Government is promoting the spread of the virus. Try to stay away from the info preached by them, a lot of it has been a lie so far about the misinformation on how it spreads etc. The vaccines are another big no no, you'll be safer without it in your body. If you're honestly worried of catching it in the future, just remember that there is no known cure for the virus, but everyone who has survived the virus, have done so on their own terms, as in having your own immune system fight it off. Cut out the proccessed foods in your life and start replacing them with organic greens and fruit. We carry a lot of deficiencies in our usual american diets, and it has made the population extremely suspectible to a viral spread and pandemic. So if you're worried of what might come in the upcoming months, then changing your diet and boosting your immune system is the best advice that I have for you right now.
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    True, if I am not mistaken I think false info was given at first about how it is spread. The government was saying it couldn't be spread by mouth (sneezing, coughing, and etc.) and only by bodily fluids such as blood but I already knew that was false. They have since updated this since I don't think the U.S. saw it as a threat at first, but now that is slowly changing. The U.S. is ill prepared for Ebola since when the outbreak occurred in Dallas, the workers didn't have their sanitation equipment properly sealed, making them all susceptible to the virus. Also, with the fact that it may take days/weeks for symptoms to show up, who knows how many new cases will occur. Please be safe blades and bladies and watch out since it seems that the government isn't really doing anything to stop it.
  4. world population needs to be decreased in order to sustain life on this planet. there's only a certain amount of natural resources on this planet. humans have no natural predators going after them so we just keep multiplying like hot cakes.
    the world leaders know this and will do anything in their power (and they have a lot of power) to make sure the population decreases. this ebola thing has been handled so poorly, with so much misinformation that you have to be suspicious. i mean, its not like they would just go door to door and murder people to decrease the population.
  5. Yea, I find it rather strange no one actually tried to do anything about it until it landed here, but they weren't even prepared at all.
  6. What people dont know is the CDC already knew about Ebola

    CDC investigated two outbreaks of a previously unknown deadly hemorrhagic fever, later known as Ebola, in Zaire and Sudan.


    You would think 38 years of knowing a virus you would be able to create a cure/vaccine. Especially with the technology we have. Someone has
    To have the cure but doesnt want to say it yet.

    And how did it go away for so long? And then just come back but stronger? Im not saying im right im just telling that what if they studied the virus and tempered with it to make it more deadly.
  7. There are 318,833,000 people in the USA and you're afraid of a disease effecting 3 of them...
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    Vaccination is far more likely to help you than harm you. Trying to argue otherwise is pretty much pointless. There's still no Ebola vaccine at the moment, so that doesn't apply too much here, though it may not be too far off, since an antibody with a neutralizing effect on the virus has been discovered. 
    Notice how the mortality rate of Ebola in west Africa is 50-70%, yet three out of four victims who received medical treatment in the US survived? You don't think supportive medical care just maybe played a role in their survival?
    Interferon, activated protein C, and immunoglobins derived from animals have also been used in treatment of Ebola, as well as an anticoagulant protein that could reduce the coagulopathy and systemic inflammatory response associated with the infection. Blood transfusions from survivors of the disease are also being used.
    People with Ebola virus in their blood have the virus present in oral secretions, it's not a new finding. Bodily fluids like saliva and sweat could also easily be contaminated with blood, considering the hemorrhagic nature of the virus. Fluids containing the virus must make contact with mucous membranes or broken skin, though aerosolized droplets from coughing or sneezing or vomiting in the near vicinity can also spread droplets which can infect if made contact with mucous membranes, and it has now been confirmed that Ebola and Marburg can be spread via droplet (droplet=/=airborne). Asian-derived Ebola is actually more prone to respiratory transmission than African-derived Ebola. Though the virus has never flourished in the past like it has this year, so who knows what kind of mutations might have or could occur?
    The US military sent Army medical corps personnel to Liberia before the virus came to the US. The CDC has also sent personnel directly, as well as keeping staff in all international airports. And while not the government's work, Doctors Without Borders have been over there for months.
    And while I'm not one to stand up for the US government at all, you know a lot of the same people who bitch that they haven't done enough about Ebola would probably be bitching if they took more drastic measures, like stopping international travel, to do it.
    The US never took much interest in Ebola before because A: it wasn't here, and B: while scary, the overall numbers of deaths due to it were pretty low. Viruses that have been around much longer than Ebola still don't have cures, and that includes viruses that actually kill hundreds in the US yearly. There are multiple strains of Ebola, just like the flu (notice, we don't have a cure for that yet either). Like all viruses, it can and does mutate. There are infected bats carrying the virus continually, which can spread it to primates, eventually causing an outbreak when someone eats or comes in contact with blood or other fluids of an infected animal.
    Personally, I don't think it's going to proliferate in the US. In fact, if I didn't work in healthcare myself, I probably wouldn't give it a second thought. Comparing medical care, quarantine measures, and proper burial/cremation procedures in the US to somewhere like Liberia or Guinea is apples to oranges. Plus not eating bush meat probably helps....
    Turbocharged viruses and hidden cures, y'all give the government too much credit :laughing:
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  10. God....as someone involved with healthcare too I can't believe how easily masses can be influenced by hysterical reporting
  11. it travels thru blood.  like AIDS
  12. It only takes one zombie to start the apocalypse...
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    So much misinformation and so mix freaking out, correlation?
  14. Let me start by saying don't give into the normal media scares that you should all be used to by now.

    Ebola is not that contagious. If it was there would be no Africa.

    We are much better prepared to deal.with such a virus than Africa was, and its not exactly an epidemic there.

    pretty much everything you said here is wrong.

    Government spreading Ebola? Unlikely

    Vaccines? Vaccines are one of the greatest scientific inventions ever creates. Please do some research.

    Americans are actually very healthy compared to africans thanks to our diets. Not as healthy as we should he, but far better off than starving Africans.

    Ebola didn't kill.off a third world country with no food or hygiene, it certainly wont be a risk here

    hey man. ba-a-a-ack off. I can be a sheep all I want!
  15. U know yr stuff I'm from the UK and I'm not worried for me or my family. This virus has been in Africa for years with only a few cases. Look at thé western countries we have nothing to fear. The government had to keep you afraid somehow.
    If the Africans stopped eating bushmeat and shagging monkeys we wouldn't even hear about it....

    not alot of people know that I don't know that, but I bloody well don't!
  16. In a way the hype is good for prevention of the spread of all sorts of diseases. I love it in a way.
  17. That's an interesting point. I wonder if rates of flu, colds, gastroenteritis, and other common illnesses will be a little lower than usual this year. Nothing gets people to wash their grubby hands like Ebola :laughing:
  18. Just like to point out that its not tje ggovernment trying to keep us afraid

    Its the media creating sensation, because thats how news outlets make.money

  19. since this is posted in the nutrition section... 
    i'm just going to show you this:
    so you should really be freaked out by deep dish pizza, if you need to be freaked out by something. 

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