3gallonpot: roots, wtf.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Iscariot, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. I put my plant in a three gallon pot of soil, its been growing for one month, it isn't 12inches yet, and the roots are growing outside through some growholes in the buttom. What the hell, I was led to believe that a 5-3 gallon pot could support a big plant, what is going on here? the plant isn't sick yet, but what the hell?
  2. Well not growing out I can just see them, wait, is this normal?
  3. hi mate im no expert but i would re pot asap good luck
  4. Anyone else I would like to make this decision quickly, but i need to know if I should. If I actually do need to repot I will next like six gallons of soil for a 2foot tall plant, that seems backwords.
  5. You can keep it in that pot. It will just stay the same size. I would repot if i noticed roots. Bigger the pot bigger the plant will get.
  6. If it went into flowering are you saying it won't grow any bigger? the thing isn't even a full foot tall yet.

    For it to grow to two feet if I were to assume the roots would go at the same rate I would need a pot of six gallons of soil, if I wanted 3 feet it would be nine gallons of soil?

    So, what the hell?
  7. I was under the impression that 1 foot of plant = 1 gallon of soil. Not 9-10 inches = 10 inches = 3 gallons.

  8. dude dont even think theres a rule for how big a plant can get in what ever planter, i have a 2 ft fall plant in a 4"x4" container... sure roots are matted but i just dont have room to transplant it.. its got 16 sets of brances already... roots grow faster then the plant man just let it go and watch.

    EDIT: sry quick post there, must be the strains you grow. different strains dont grow as fast, i luckly have my dad who has been breeding for 22 years now :)
  9. Can anyone else confirm this? not that I don't trust you, I just want to be completely positive first.
  10. My girls have both got the odd root coming out of the drainage holes but there still growing well. Don't know about others but i'm not to bothered :D
  11. I have found that the roots tend to get spred well before the growth up top takes off.
    I have two 1ft tall girls(hopefully girls) in 32oz cups..

  12. Yes. I have grown a 2 foot tall plant in an 8" pot. It was badly root bound and at the time I did not know what the hell I was doing but, it is possible. Iscariot, just leave your plant in the 3 gallon, that is plenty of dirt for a 1 foot tall plant. Don't worry about the roots. They will not reach out and grab you while you sleep. Hey, what strain is this you have by the way?
  13. I know, at first I jumped to the conclusion that it must be unhealthy but then assumed that it could very well be normal as well, was just trying to make sure.

    Funny you say that though, since I just jokingly made mention that the roots would probably never stop growing until the tendrils came out to wrap around my neck and choke me to death.

    (lol, don't ask)

    I am currently growing white widow and durban both are in very early seedling stage though, the one i'm reffering to is a seed which I got out of weed a year ago.

    This weed was called whash, imagine mixing marijuana bud, hash, and dried oil in equal parts, thats what it was. People told me it grew that way, I saved the seed and just recently planted it a month ago.

    Honestly I have no idea what it is.

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