3d Tvs?

Discussion in 'General' started by PeaceToker420, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Thinking about buying one because i have some extra money... Just wondering if any blades own a 3d tv? if they like it? was it worth it?

    Or anyone else that has valuable information with the 3d tv Vs Led/lcd tvs

    basically my dilemma is should i spend the extra $300 on a 3d tv? or should i wait till they are easier to make/better quality?
  2. Edit: Oh okay. Yeah get the tv.
  3. I wanna get a 55 inch tv... i dont know if i should get the led/lcd or spend the extra 300 and get a 3d tv...

  4. I would get the normal tv if you are going to drop a extra $50 then go for a better tv
  5. Save the cash and get a regular TV, dude. 3D is overrated, you'll grow tired of it, IMO. Keep 3D to the odd 3D movie (although most of them these days are shit).
  6. Do not get the 3d, you will regret it. the technology is still quite new, and why would you want to have to put on glasses everytime you watch it? Use that extra to get a bigger TV or sometin.

    Also, playing videogames on 3d tv's is horrible
  7. I haven't heard anything necessarily amazing about 3d tv's, sounds like the 300 dollars could be put to other things
  8. I have one. Can't really say it was worth the money. Just not enough programming available.
  9. IMO, avoid them for now.

    There is new 3D technology coming out that does not require glasses, and provides dozens of optimal viewing angels. Currently there are very few. But sadly, even that technology is in its infancy.

    I would suggest you buy a LED TV. They run cooler, use far less power, and they will last a good long time. About 20 years of standard use, if not more. By that time an acceptable 3D model (with supported programming) should be on the market.
  10. like someone said, you don't want a tv that you're going to have to wear glasses to watch. on the other hand, I just got the LG Thrill, a glasses free 3D phone, and it's really entertaining and absolutely worth the $100 w/ an at&t contract
  11. Yep, this exactly. I have a few 3D movies(Tron, Shrek, Cloudy with Meatballs, Lion King) but there's just not that much available.

    They look fucking great and if I had a PS3 there are a few games in 3D that would be interesting to try.

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