3d psychadelica - anyone wanna look?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by GREYMAN, Feb 23, 2001.

  1. if any of you guys are interested, you can check out some of my pics at

    hit the art gallery link and smake a bowl. then sit back and look through the pics. there's a fractal gallery as well on

    as soon as i get home from work, i smoke up and hit the computer to make these pics that i hope you will all enjoy.

    some one suggested this and I thank him for the thought.

    toke on [​IMG]

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    xyz cargo

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  2. dude thats cool.... the site is cool too.. post some more pics
  3. here's another one, filtered fractal with false color. hydro-dynamic


    sorry about the size

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  4. So you do all this art work yourself? If so nice work!
  5. everything in the pics and on the site is 100% original stuff. thanks for the thought.
  6. Hey GREYMAN- I use the beautiful blue one as my desktop and when people come over they always say something about how cool it is and so I have to go into the spill about where I got it and they really dig that.

    I hope you don't mind that I have it on there but I really sink into the picture when I am high and can almost feel like I am free falling into it.

    I love it, GREYMAN. ;) ;)
  7. ok, I'm always happy that people can enjoy the pics. if you want to seem more fractals, go to

    xyz cargo

    check it out, you might find some thing you like. I dont mind if you use it as long as you let them know where it came from.
  8. I wouldn't know where to begin to create what you create. I definately give credit where credit is due and you kick ass. ;)
  9. I downloaded a few of those programs just to see what was involved. Well, I was going to try it out but DAMN! you have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

    Did I miss the post where GREYMAN said he was a rocket scientist? ;)
  10. amateur physicist actually

    smoke a dubbie and check this one out
    [​IMG] :) :)

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