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  1. So I stumbled upon this video on the VICE documentary channel. Apparently this guy, Cody R Wilson is leading somewhat of a "revolution" in printing receivers and high-capacity magazines for common assault rifles that actually work! And it looks like it might be spreading to everyday homes across the U.S.
    Discuss. Do you think he is doing something justified or not?

  2. That guy is just building parts for guns though, isn't he? 
    Someone has already created a 3D printed single-shot pistol. It may blow up in your face if anything goes wrong, but the point to me is that this is the direction technology is headed. 
    Eventually the equipment and supplies will get better, cheaper, people will make better designs, and guns will be a lot more widely available. I don't see any decent way to stop that from happening. 
    We're getting better at making weapons, just like every civilization before us. :p 
  3. Basically i'd be ok with it if they achieve good with it but fuck we all know thats not gonna happen, it will be abused and people will probably die because of it. 
    Oh well, fuck em! 'MURICA!!!

    Yes he may just be printing parts for guns. But these new gun policies are trying to crack down on high capacity magazines and he's making them (he is working on making them more durable and resistant to recoil) and distributing them for profit.
    Yeah, but how does anyone expect to stop people from doing that? Outlaw 3D printers? 
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    Haha they would piss off a whole community of hobbyists if they did that.
    What they could do is make it so you have to have a license to own one and track the activity.
    This is probably some cunty scheme by some high up corporation fuck to get the government to prohibit the sales of 3-d ammo so he can distribute them for double the profit #PROHIBITIONWORKS!! We've been down this road before, gimme a break. 
  8. Its pretty obvious that these printed will firearms have a short service life and will not have a chance of competing with the quality of a factory made weapon, however they demonstrate a clear and important truth.  Prohibition will always fail, be it of firearms, drugs, or whatever. I see very little potential that printed guns will ever become popular with violent criminals considering how easy it already is for them to obtain a cheap gun on the streets or thru theft.  They do however send a valuable message that a monopoly on deadly force will not be possible for governments to obtain over their citizens.
  9. I think that firearms SHOULD be easily accessible. Joe dirtbag isn't gonna be running into the bank if he knows that every little ole lady has a colt in her handbag.
  10. More power to him.
    If the parts are made individually and then assembled I could see a rise in people owning firearms. As far as them being plastic, just remember that glocks are pretty much plastic. 
  11. Hell yea the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

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