385 Temp for Flowermate

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by parkster, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. I was about to get a flowermate V5.0s and was wondering if 385 is a low enough temp to use for not being too hot or drying out the throat.
  2. I have the last gen flowermate mini, I vape on the lowest (blue, 385) and I can take decent draws off it (to the throat) and I have shitty lungs. If I do it to much I cough but that's cause I'm a noob.
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  3. I have a Solo but I would think so.

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  4. That's what my little pen vape is set at and it just cooks that shit nice and lung hits would actually be pretty good
  5. Take sips, not long deep draws works well with these. A lot of bang for the buck. Have a v5.0s and a mini and both work well but the v5.0s is warmer at each temp setting. Battery strength is good on both and huge on the bigger one. Light on the mini is easier to see outdoors but may be unstealthy at times. They both pull a lot of vapor. Hard hitters, not toys!

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