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38, and want to - but have A LOT of questions.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by godofradio, May 3, 2009.

  1. I'm 38 and a recovering alcoholic.

    I am on Paxil for anxiety.

    I'm truly not a basket case. :D

    I have a long time friend who never did ANY drugs or ANYthing ( I hadn't talked to him in a WHILE) and recently spoke to him and he loves his pot now, and has for years.


    *) How would I find pot? I don't know if anyone at my work does it and it would certainly feel weird asking them. How do I go about finding it?

    *) When I DO get it, how should I smoke it and where should I go to buy something? Like a one hitter?

    *) I take Ambien at night, would that fuck with the pot or vice versa?

    *) If I smoke it, will I want to drink again?

    *) HOw much should I get and how much is an acceptable price?

    I'm sure I will think of more, but those are the 1st things first questions.

    Thanks dudes.
  2. my personal experience i used to think bud was way worse than alcohol and didnt smoke bud until i got outta high school at 19 and i rarely drink i actually dont prefer it only do it when alot of budddies are chillin.

    1. cant help you there man depends on ur area
    2. grab rollies for ur first times or a pipe clue
    4.not to my knowledge depends on you though
    5. ur area is needed

    hope this helped and have fun
  3. ok.......
    1. nobody can really tell you how to find weed .. all we can say is just ask around go to places that would have weed smokers around
    2. you can buy anything pipe bong vaporizer or just roll joints
    3. it probably wouldn't fuck with anything but i dont know anything about it
    4. i would say you wouldnt want to drink again because IMO its much better than being drunk but i dont know how addicted you are/were to alcohol
    5. i would say get about an 8th would cost you anywere between 20-60 but considering you will probably end up getting mids ( average weed ) about 20-30
  4. I wouldn't feel weird and going up to people at work and asking if they smoke. If they seem like a person who would then ask. Just dont do it to ur boss or something or someone who might say something to ur boss.

    I would say get a bong. its my favorite way because i hate the burning smoke any other way, it hurts my throat. you shouldnt get a vaporizer yet since ur new and they can get expensive.

    Im not sure about the ambien thing.

    You probablly wont want to drink again. When i drink and smoke it intensifys both of them which leads to throwing up

    I would start with an 1/8th if its a new dealer. the price changes on the quality of the weed and where u live. You dont want to go and spend like $300 on something u may not like or schwag (dirt weed)

    Look at the aprentice tokers section and there is a few guides that will help u since ur new
  5. You should stop taking ambien and substitute it for weed. Weed will help you fall asleep, not as well as Ambien, but with sleeping pills you do not get your REM sleep which is needed for psychological rest.

    You should read about growing your own and then order a pack of seeds and grow a few plants. You not only won't have to worry about finding a dealer, but you will have much cheaper, higher quality bud for the price of a few dollars and a small investment fee.

    If you smoke, you won't wanna drink again. You'll find smoking is extremely relaxing and much better/healthier than drinking. You may find yourself smoking more, but it is nothing to worry about as you can easily stop whenever you want to because of it's nonaddictive characteristics.

    Maybe hang out with your buddy who started smoking, try it and see if you like it. It is definitely something to try at least once in your life
  6. So far, so good. Thanks.

    I don't drink. I haven't in almost a year. I just don't want the weed to trigger something and make me wanna drink.

    I've smoked pot before but many years ago, and that wasn't really regularly on an everyday basis or anything. I used to be around people that would have BAGS of it, but back then I just wanted to drink and I would take a toke occassionally from someone else who was smoking it.

    I can't even remember what it feels like to smoke weed and not drink.
  7. then you should be fine .. get toking:smoking:
  8. I'm not going to answer eveyr questions because as stated they are really area specific.

    But on the Ambien, ive mixed them.. you just pass the hell out. In all honesty though if u smoke a good bit youll sleep fine w/o ambien

    On the alcohol personally i don't really like drinking in general so when i'm high i never have an urge to seek it out or anything... but things that i really liek .. like sex.. i do seek out when im high .. sooo maybe being high will make you wanna drink cause your a recovering addict?

    But either way, good call pots awesome :)
  9. 1) Try getting some from your friend first. He obviously has contacts and he's likely not to gyp you for being a noob. But first I would ask him if he could smoke you up. If he asks you to throw down, just shoot him a $5. Who knows, weed may not be for you...
    2) Try buying a cheap piece first. Go to a local headshop and buy like a $10 pipe. If you start smoking more often, then go out and buy a nice glass bong/spoon/vape
    3) It shouldn't. Like others have said, if you smoke you probably won't need the ambien because weed makes you very tired when you come down.
    4) I really can't tell you about the drinking. I guess it all has to come down to will-power. Just tell yourself that you don't want to drink. The thing is, you don't want weed to take over your life. Your life shouldn't revolve around weed, weed should revolve around your life.
    5) Start off with either an eighth or a dub. An eighth is 3.5 grams and should cost you between $25-$45, depending on location. A dub is a $20 sack. Usually is 1.5-2.5 grams depending on location and quality. If your guy asks you if you want dank, I would say no for now. You're going to get fucked up on anything you smoke as a newbie, there's no need to buy really good weed until you can make it worth the money.

  10. But either way, good call pots awesome

    Ha. The people on this board are so cool so far!! I'm definately coming over here more often.
  11. All the advice given here is great, but I am PMing you some information that is relevant to your situation as a recovering alcoholic.
  12. congrads on kicking the drinking, i hope it works out for you. everyones situation and reasons for drinking is differnt, me? i went out with freinds evry night of the week and would drink. this went on for maybe 3 years. althought i wouldnt "crave" drinking during the day i couldnt still wait to go out that night. when i got off probation i started to smoke weed every once in a while. im not sure if going out got old for me or what but slowly i started wanting to just chill at freinds houses and smoke instead of going out drinking. now i dont even like to drink, when i do i just get sleepy. maybe im just getting old? i think if it wasnt for weed i probaly would be an alcoholic, recently i learned there is alcoholism in my family. the weed will help you sleep at night, i agree with the getting off the sleeping pills. sometimes i see someone and i can tell if they smoke. look for the chilled people at your work, they are pretty much laid back and open minded, every once in a while they might loose their temper, but the next day every thing is great. dont ask the stiff uptight people, they are the ones who need to smoke but there eyes are shut to the world. if you give an idea what part of the country you are from prices are all over the place as weed is diffrent. you have reg/swag. kind bud. hydro. the beter/rarer it is the more expensive it is. in tx you can get an ounce of reg for as low as $35 avg is $50 an ounce of kind bud maybe around $75-85ish. hydro a gram $20, this is enough for a joint. an ounce of dro can go from $300 for reg dro purple type dro will go for $450. hydro taist better then reg sway. kind bud taist good also. i think kind bud is the best value you can get. it will get you high like dro and taist like dro but not as expensive. be careful though about drug test at your work. now days alot of employers are looking for any reason to let people go, and a positive drug test for them means they dont have to pay severnce and you wont get unemployment benifits. i hope this points you in the right direction.
  13. Dont ask around your workplace, ask around your neighborhood. Any neighbor's that look like potheads, which i'm sure you have some. Even if they don't look like one, ask. There is a LOT of potheads out there, and i'm sure you can find one that can get you some buddha. Then get some glass dude and you'll be straight. If you've never smoked before, ask the guy thats gettin it for you to help you out. Just don't make it sketch situation, as you will be shunned most likely. I mean it's all about your personality as to how well you'll be able to get your bud.
  14. Concerning your question of whether smoking will make you want to drink again I really don't know everyone is different you will just have to find out for yourself. i personally don't like drinking that much becuase of weed, although I do love it and will do it when I'm hanging out with a bunch of people or at a party. I think the reason weed makes drinking not appealing to me is because I get bad hangovers and they suck and with weed you never get hangovers or feel anything but normal the next day. And weed isn't like alcohol, when you start drinking you keep drinking and getting more drunk, and spending more money, but with weed once you are pretty high you really have no desire to get higher, you just sit back and enjoy it.
    And you said you take Ambien, do you insomnia or trouble sleeping because you can stop taking Ambien and start smoking some weed right before bed, it will knock you out. I smoke before bed and I will fall asleep in about 5 minutes and nothing will wake me up. And when you wake up the next day you feel really refreshed even if you didn't get that much sleep.
  15. [​IMG] You guys answered a lot of the questions I had. Thanks a million!!

    How long do you stay high with "mid"? Where do I get a bong? I can't remember seeing them at Wal Mart. HAHA!!
  16. Your tolerance is probably crap, so mids would be fine for you, and you'd stay high about 2 hours. A bong could be purchased online, check the grasscity store, or at a local tobacco head shop. If Ambien has the same effect for you that it has for me, smoking weed while on ambien will just put you out. Smoking after the high ambien gives me gets me really, really stoned.
  17. Ambien is strong as Hell. I'm on the highest dose and I am totally addicted to it. My doctor told me I would when he gave me the scrip for it. He was right. So one of you said that pot isn't addictive? It isn't? Drew Pinski (Dr. Drew) has said before that Marijuana addiction is the hardest to kick. I'm not being argumentative, I'm just throwing that out for fodder.

    I don't want for weed to be another addiction like alcohol was - in place of...know what I mean? It sure sounds good right now, and I am really craving it. AHH that smell!!
  18. #19 BrizzlyBear, May 3, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 3, 2009
    Yeah, since you haven't smoked in years, mids will probably keep you high for around 2-3 hours. Maybe even 4 hours depending on what you get.

    As for the alcohol question. A good friend of mine stopped drinking and picked up weed, after getting high he asked me why I never asked him to smoke before, he hasn't had a drink since. But everyone's different man.

    And as for: Drew Pinski (Dr. Drew) has said before that Marijuana addiction is the hardest to kick.
    Dr. Drew is a tool, and I find it hard to believe that he's even a doctor haha. I smoked pretty heavily for 4 years, daily, and had to quit because I was on probation. The first day that I didn't smoke I was really bummed out because I couldn't get baked, I was so used to sitting down and smoking a bowl that I felt sort of "lost" I guess you would say. So I bought a pack of cigarettes and watched alot of movies. The next day, I felt completely normal, like I hadn't even quit smoking (even threw out my pack of cigs). Weed's not addictive at all, but, I would have to say that it is habit forming. Because you're going to love being high.

    So I say smoke up brother :bongin:
  19. don't buy into all these dr. drew love doctor shenanigans because honestly, he doesnt know what he is talking about. the act of smoking is physically addictive, but not the effects. i honestly love smoking before sleep. best time to smoke in my opinion. kick the ambien and get yourself your medical card for your sleeping and all will be well. This way, you can simply go to a dispensary, pick up a flavor that sounds good, maybe an indica for example, and enjoy it responsibly and legally. Sounds like you are off to a great start though. Best of luck.

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