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  1. I've attached a cabinate design that i've been thinking about.

    The hinge system hasn't been incorporated, and the pipe's and so on aren't in.. but I've been trying to think of a way to build a cabinet that you can use a vertical screen (for training the branches), with a cool tube in the middle, and still have plants on all sides of the light, to maximize light intensity.

    The screen would probably be in a semi circle on either side of the cabinet.


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  2. Thats an interesting approach man. Using vertical space and saving horizontal space by doing a sideways hybrid scrog, it sounds like it will work.
  3. Try checking out the vertical growing section of ICMag. I've seen a number of larger vertical scrogs done there.
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    updated the sketchup to include some lights, and textures. I'm thinking of trying my hand at glass cutting and getting a 26", x 6" vase here:

    26" H x 6" Diameter Glass Cylinder Vase

    I'll be doing a dual spectrum grow (400W HPS, 200W cfl), because even though you get more leaves in 12/12, with blue light, I've had good experiance with the bud production in the past. although it's not always as tight, I like the way it smokes (properly cured and dried, it's not what your used to, but smokes nice)

    (oh and i did the diagram with a wood texture, even though it'll be painted white)

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    There's been success in the past.

    Actually I think I saw one guy on this forum that did a dual spectrum vertical scrog, who really inspired me to go this way.
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    modified the setup pics.

    I think i'm going to try and find some nice 80's wood panelling and put it around the walls, so that I can make a mock up wall at the back.

    I've taken pics of the stealth cabinet that I've built as well, it uses just a simple wooden block that holds the front board up and locks it in place. Works well but is to small for anything other than low rider.

    I think what I'm going to do with it is have it be my door to the space behind the fake wall. Where I'll have the reservoir, ferts and my mom.

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