36 Hours No Sleep + A Q of Blue Dream to the dome + Ejaculation = Euphoric Nut

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by WeirdWhiteBoy, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Brothers........ gather in unison as i reveal this magnificent gift sent to us by god himself.
    One does not truly live until he has experienced the death of his old life..............
  2. Are you talking that way about a quarter ounce?
  3. So confused rn. Ellaborate

  4. Wut. I ain't dead yet.
  5. 36 hours no sleep...lol f that.
  6. Dam son that's some heroic shit there man
  7. very impressive
  8. Yes...sleep deprivation can intensify orgasms by quite a bit. This is something I have known about forever. Not by choice. I have horrible insomnia. It's totally not worth it.
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  9. If you stay up even longer, you will begin to laugh uncontrollably, especially if your with a friend.
  10. You have sickle cell
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