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$350 Vape

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 561imdone, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Well, I show up to a nice get together with all my closest homies last night. We're all just chillen playin beer pong and everyone is taking turns rolling blunts and putting them into rotation. I already thought the night was going awesome but then..................... My buddy shows up at like 11:00 with a brown cardboard box and a big smile on his face, with literally the reddest eyes ive ever seen.. Anyways, we all go into the other room to find out wtf is in this box. Come to find out it's a $350 VAPE!!!!!!! With a remote control and everything, shit was killer!!!! So we all pack bowls etc..... about 20 mins into the sesh I realize I am sooooooo ripped.!!!!!!!!!! Seriously vapes kick ass.:smoke: I suggest everyone try it, plus its the safer way to smoke :)
  2. i got a vape bros vaporizer ill pack up .2 and be ripped best invention ever made it should win a fuckin award of somekind
  3. ^^^ I agree... man I almost wanna say that the highest ive ever been. We smoked like.... hmmm around 10 blunts, and everyone packed madd bowls out of the vape... I was gone plus beer bong lol!!!!! seriously though vapes are the shit.
  4. I got one i love it. I got mine off ebay for like 230 shipped best money i ever invested.

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