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  1. who else on this forum likes to listen to 311
    they are so good when your baked
  2. hell yeah man. im a huge 311 fan. the first time i saw them was my first concert ever when i was 16. i think ive seen them around 4-5 times now. they put on an awsome live performance.
  3. Yep, 311 is an awesome band to listen baked. Haven't had the pleasure to see them live yet, but i'm sure they're even better on stage!
  4. I saw them live at Rothbury this year. I have to say, as incredibly talented as they are musically, they have this tendency to attract audiences with musical tastes equaling that of a cement brick.

    P-nut is pretty fucking sick though.
  5. Saw em live twice. So so good.

    "I know a drugstore cowgirl..."
  6. TO ALL THE STONERS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuck yeah yo 311 is the fuckin shit.

    haha saw them at VA Beach this year they opened with beautiful disaster! amazing song haha.
  7. i havnt been able to see them live either
    i was going to see them with snoop but it ended up not working out
  8. Going to see them tonight!!!! Lol im just about to have the pre concert smoke
  9. I just saw them for my 4th time live a few days ago and it was fucking awesome.
  10. I need to hear your reasoning behind this. If you are basing that entirely on your experiance at Rothbury, Im going to object. There was not a single band there that was not extremely talanted at what they do. There were different styles of music, yes, but to compare someones taste in music to a cement brick just because you didnt like some of the bands that were there is a little extreme. Besides, you were at the same show they were, you obviously have some similarities in your music tastes.

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