311 Uplifter Album

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  1. I'm wondering if it's worth going out to buy. "Hey You" is not exactly an ear catching song from them.

    Any word on the rest of the soundtrack? I heard it has a nice flow beginning to end but I want some more takes on it.
  2. there's already a thread on Uplifter but oh well..

    Hey You - Decent, I'd like it if it wasn't by 311
    It's Alright - Cool tune, but it's meh
    Mix it up - Cheesy imo
    Golden Sunlight - really chill, I like it
    India Ink - Probably best song on the album, just really good
    Daisy Cutter - Dumb name, decent song. Pretty catchy
    Too Much Too Fast - Hate it, not 311 at all. SA is attempting to be Susan Boyle
    Never Ending Summer - I like it, the beginning is kind of lame though. "3.. ELEVEN.. 3, 3 ELEVEN!" over again
    Two Drops in the Ocean - I like it, reminds me of champagne. Really chill
    Something Out of Nothing - Don't like it. SA singing like this just doesn't work. Just my opinion
    Jackpot - Pretty sick. Sounds like old school 311
    My Heart Sings - It's a good acoustic song
    I Like the Way - Again, good song. Just SA singing.. no
    Get Down - meh.

    in conclusion, I say if you're a 311 fan.. support them and buy it. It's an album worth spending $14 or so on. If not, just torrent it :D

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