300w CFL or 600w LED?

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  1. I am thinking about a very small grow, probably a closet or a PC grow but didnt know which light would be better. I come from the UK, so making heat is not necessarily a bad thing as it does sometimes get quite cold. I will only be growing a few plants in a limited space. The light will also be used throughout the whole grow

    The 300w CFL is a dual spectum, for veg and flower. The LED is listed as 600w, but in the description says "Actual Power: about 100W±5% power, much better than the same product in market"

    Sorry for nooby questions, ive only ever grown outside before so am pretty new to this

    300w CFL Dual Spectrum (6400k+2700k) Grow & Flower Lamp Bulb +E40 Light Pendant | eBay

    LED Grow Light Panel Lamp1200W 1000W for Hydroponic Plant Full Spectrum Indoor | eBay
  2. That bulb isnt 300 true watts its more on the side of maybe 40-60watts.
    That led light is also very.... sketchy.

    If i were you id burn an extra 10 pounds and grab a mars 300.its all youll need for a pc grow

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  3. yeah although I agree that the LED light looks sketchy af, ive seen many growers online using that CFL and saying it is a good light. But would the LED still be the best option if its very close to the plants in a compact grow?
  4. If i were you, and i was growing in a pc case or small cupboard is get a tri splitter. And 3 large cfls.

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