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  1. $3000 is the difference between living at home and going to a school my parents want me to AND living with friends and going to a community college until i can transfer to a nice university.

    my dad has worked hard his whole life to be able to live very nicely. is $3000 really that much? considering his only argument is he doesnt want me to waste anymore of his money for me to fail. (i know, i suck, but i promise u GC i'm motivated now) im just not sure how to respond to that, like he is a franchisee owner of 5 stores that have been relatively unaffected by the recession, but saying "its not a lot of money, get real" would be rude and i understand the principle of what he is saying(i.e. wasting money).

    so his main reason for wanting me to stay home (and thus having zero fun, what kind of punishment is that?) is it might be more money wasted. i know this reason is bullshit but i dont know how to tackle the situation.

    inb4 im spoiled, i suck, i should move out, get a job, etc. literally i understand this already.
  2. Okay. 3000$ is a lot per month. Don't get stuck at home. I know a friend that's dad is a CEO and she went back home and will probably stay there until her dad buys her a new house. If you don't care about earning your living and having true integrity, then go ahead and do whatever your dad says. At least it will be easy living.

    If it's a one-time 3000$, it is not that much. And if you are going to transfer to a University hopefully you will be ready to buckle down (which my suggestion would be don't live with friends). It seems like its too easy for people that have easy access to money (in the form of a relative) to just give up on school after they get too frustrated by something or to let it entirely pass by because they are too busy being social. My friend that I mentioned before got kicked out of University and community college because she just did whatever she wanted instead of actual working on studies.

    My suggestion would be to try to prove to your dad you are really ready to buckle down. That you want to go to University. Maybe go over a year-plan for your courses or share what classes you want to take with him. Get him just as excited for your learning as you are.
  3. When you say more money wasted.... I assume he paid for you to go off to college once and your failed/dropped out/didnt try/whatever...?

    Is so, then i completely understand why he would want you to stay at home and go to school from there. If he paid for you to have the whole college experience once and it didnt work out because of something you did (or maybe DIDNT do), then you really cant blame him.

    He probably disagrees with some of your choices (smoking weed, drinking, partying, whatever) and he knows that you are an adult. But he still has control over you because he pays your bills. Maybe get a job and get some good grades next semester, prove to him you are serious this time, and then he might help you transfer and go to school with your friends.

    He probably thinks he is looking out for you and doing the best thing for you by trying to keep you from your friends, in a more focused environment (your home). Maybe he is?

    You may think its one little screw up, not a big deal, that sort of thing. But it sounds like you blew your first chance. That's an opportunity that VERY FEW people in the world get. Think about it. Be grateful that you even have a second chance, because the vast majority of people will never even get a "first" chance at a college education.
  4. There's no way you can just live at home & take go to school? You'll still make plenty of friends & be able to chill at there dorm room, etc. Community College isn't expensive, the cost of living is.
  5. maybe you should get a job and prove to him you aren't a worthless lazy pos?
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    don't be jealous bro. i work for him whenever he asks me too so he knows im not lazy.

    yeah it's a one time three stacks. like if you are going to drop 10k+ on fucking landscaping whats your reasoning behind not letting 3k go towards me being a happy, motivated, college student. ultimately they just want me to get a degree (which i dont really give a fuck about) and im willing to do that. but not if im stuck in my house with my soon-to-be retired mother breathing down my neck.
    i've been in a dorm (withdrew and smoked pot) and at home(passed 2 classes and smoked pot) so its not like being at home is going to make me work hard OR not smoke pot. even if they forced me to class every single day and watched me do homework i still wouldn't be benefitting at all.
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    no the $3000 is how much more per YEAR it would cost for CC+apt. ridic
  8. get a job and make three grand its not that hard.
  9. Broski if you don't give a shit abou getting a degree then Your clearly not ready for college. My dad had money the entire time I lived with him yet I still worked 30+ hours a week in high school and now working 50+ hours and college classes. You need to be ready to work when you go off to college. College isnt just a huge party for 4 years. College is to prepare you for life that I honestly dont think your ready for. I dont mean to hate but you gotta grow up sometime. Work first play later
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    Buddy you suck and you need to move out and get a good ol' J O B. If i asked my dad for 3000 dollars to move out he would laugh. And ask me if i was retarded. He would probably pay for school but if you want out of your parents house get a fucking job. Seriously i agree with your dad. Three thousand dollars will get you set up with an apartment. Doesn't matter if you wont even get a job to pay for the apartment. Cuz u are gonna end up right back on square one. I am sure that if you start off by getting your life on track your dad will help you. Bro i am 18 have been working since i was 16. I have 8000 dollars stacked and i am just gonna stack and stack until i get out of my dads house then i will have some starting money. I suggest you get on your hustle also.

    Show a Little Respect Please!!!! **unoit**
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    thats cool you think i suck, i think having to work from age 16 onwards for peanuts your whole life sucks. i dont have to fucking "get on my hustle" but good luck in your life bro!
  12. Don't even know you. I was simply saying what you told us not to say. You think working from 16 onward sucks but its better than being a bum. You sound kinda bummy to me. If you wanna get anywhere in life you have to get a work ethic. If you start working now and put yourself through school the older you get the less you will have to work. If you start investing money at an early age you can be donald trump rich. If you sit around and expect daddy to hand you money you are in for a very rude awakening.
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    speaking of rude awakenings...

    good luck in your american dream to become donald trump.
  14. stay at home, save your money.
  15. You seem like a spoiled trust fund baby. If I was your father I wouldnt pay for anything.
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    you obviously know me well enough to make that assessment. good thing my dad loves me! do you have daddy issues? did your dad touch you innapropriately as a child? do you not like your daddy :(
  17. So you show up, people realize you're a spoiled shit brick with zero work ethic/coasting through life, and you can't handle it. Classic diversion, don't take a forum so close to heart broberg.
  18. man I feel ya, I have upper middle class parents who have made a good life for them selves, due to decisons I MADE when I was younger I had to go the community college route. transfered to a private university at like 21 knew no one and didn't do a good job at making alot of friends. It is really hard to if you didn't start out as a freshman. People will say just make friends.... if you don't live on campus and you go to class class gets out you go home..... cylce repeats itself you don't meet anyone. Even if you hang around and talk to people it isn't that easy. Im super outgoing have tons of friends outside of school and can't make them for shit now cuz they all are upper class men have their groups and aren't talking to the new guy in class they never seen before... I make small talk but thats all it stays as small talk fucking lame. I want college to be over.
  19. It sounds like you need to prove it to him. Do it his way for a while and maybe he'll let you transfer later. If you dont want to then get a job and get your own place and save your own money.

    You do sound like a brat dude you should be happy you have rich parents to fall back on if you really needed it, and people who say shit like this have shit for brains idk how they even get into college

  20. Lmfao OP you come ask for opinions and then when people say what they think you bitch... lol


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