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  1. Hello everyone, starting my first thread on GC. I have a utility cabinet that i have outfitted with 12 26 watt cfls and two 4 inch fans and wrapped in aluminum tap.(It looks like a time machine:smoke:) The fans are 80 cfm computer fans one for intake and one for exhaust. The total output is around 20000 lumen at 312 watts. I attached 6 single bulb fixtures and installed y adapters.

    The box.jpg

    Now about the goodies :hello:. I am growing a feminized bubblegum sativa strain. I decided to go all organic. Heard it produces the best flavor and over all quality. The soil is completely organic and so are the fertilizers. I am using General Organics line of fertilizers with a combination of super thrive in distilled water with a CaMG supplement. I am also oxygenating the solution before feeding. The soil is balanced at a 7 for ph and i have a digital ph meter. I always ph the feeding solition and soil before so i have an idea of where the ph is at all times. Fortunately i have not had any ph problems yet.

    Inside View.jpg

    So its the second week of grow and this is my what i have to show so far.

    Inside View.jpg

    Here are some pictures from the third week of growing.




    Well that is all i have for now. Will be posting new pics every week and keeping you guys up to date on how bg is doing.

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  2. Nice setup man. How do you deal with the heat?

    Plant is nice and bushy man :)
  3. Picture perfect Cheech. Always nice to see another CFL grower. Im running the same wattage as you right now, but with 5 plants. Got another 130 watts coming in the mail though.

  4. Nice lookin plant:) have you thought about turning your cfl's sideways to better utilize the light?
  5. hey looks good, ill be checking this one out as its similar to mine. One question though, just growing the one plant? thats pretty risky unless its a cutting cause youll go through all that grow time and it may be a male.. just curious about that, otherwise good luck and happy growing!!
  6. He's growing a fem seed, so he's not got sex to worry about. I think the Y adapters help to get the bulbs sitting sideways, he's definitely maximizing the light in that tiny space. That's a bushy ass plant for sure! Hopefully that one fat bush will fill the whole cab! I'm tuned in for the grow!
  7. Looks really good so far man.
  8. I'll be in for the ride. Good luck :smoke:

    Although as you can see your pot is taking up half of your vertical height, and that pot isn't very big at all, and I doubt it will take you to harvest without being completely pot bound by the end, the roots grow so quickly. You going to be LSTing to make the most of the little space you have?

    Edit: Oh wait is your pot stacked on another to get closer to the lights? My bad! Get it even closer get some books or something under there.

  9. I have two 4 inch pc fans that are rated at 80 cfm one for intake and one for exhaust; I have a digital thermometer and i average around 85 degrees.

    Intake Fan
    fan 1.JPG

    Exhaust fan
    fan 2.JPG

  10. I have y adapters that are creating a 45 degree angle for the bulbs. I have been looking for adapters but have not found anything that will let me have the bulbs completely sideways.

    I nicked named this pic the oven lol sunglasses required :smoking:

  11. Alright guys just updating pics for everyone. I have also fertilized her today as well.
    I used a solution of general organics veg 4-3-3, CaMg solution, super thrive all into a gallon jug of distilled water.

    All the additives

    The tools


    soil 2.JPG

    Okay and here it week 4 growth
    top view.JPG


    fan leaf.JPG

    Also just to clarify the plant is on a shelf inside the grow box. The self will be removed as the plant gets bigger. The over dimensions are 35x25x18. I am actually really amazed at how well the cfl's are working. :eek::eek:
  12. That's quite small for week 4. Problems with stunted growth at all?
  13. Mmmmm... organic Bubblegum sativa, that will be tasty. She's looking really healthy bro. I'm pulling up a chair for this one.

  14. I'm not stealing cheech's limelight, but I just happened to see your question before he did. Yeah, it was stunted for at least two weeks after germination. I believe there were three transplants back to back, a few light changes, and lack of TLC for the first two weeks. The bubblicious baby found his cab around 2-2.5 weeks I would guess, and it took another few days to come out of shock. I'm not sure if he has a nice pic from when it first hit his cab, but the growth in two weeks is INSANE. It's looking really good, anyone have any experience with how long to veg one of these suckers?
  15. Should pm me if in the 910.

  16. Like chong was saying the plant ended up being transplanted 3 times and was in shock for a week. To be honest i think the shock could have stunted her vertical growth but she is bushing out very nicely.

    This is what she looked like when it first hit my oven at approximately 2.5 weeks old on may 20 2010.
    2 weeks.jpg

    This is a fresh pic taken this morning. I fertilized her last night... i think she liked it :D
  17. Bushy little fucker! Reminds me of my plants when they were this size. +rep

    lookin good!

  18. I'm closer to the 919 than the 910... Still sketchy meeting people on here.
  19. Pulling up a chair to see how this bushy bitch turns out:smoking: +rep shame bout the shocking on her.. i did the same thing m8

    but mine probs the transplanting, overdone the nutes & very very poor lighting!!

    Day 25 from seed:


    But yours has recovered very well hope all goes well m8:D:D

  20. I 2nd that! Just not worth the risk IMHO.

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