$300 dollars to spend on BONG

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  1. Christmas coming in BIG! I got $300 to spend, and I'm trying to purchase a bong. What's the best one I can get for $300? I've been researching myself, but I don't know what makes one better than another.
  2. SGW waffle v2, SG 50x5 stemline
  3. Haha, if the best bong for three hundo is on this site...I will be more than happy to buy it.
  4. Please dont buy anythin from the internet.. Goto your local head shop browse, goto a couple of em to get an idea of what you want! :D good luck
  5. Dirty rico all day
  6. Check out apix. Dan does sick work and you could get a nice stemline to disc for around $200 and have $100 left to buy some bud :smoke: if you're looking to spend all $300 you could get a sick apix piece
  7. i have one of the best dirty rico tubes every made imo. its a dirty rico over sizzed barrel perc to gridded circ, to reduced bent neck. destroys anything he is making these days. any rico owner will admit his new prc designs arent quite as nice as what he was making 6 months ago. imo he moves on to fast and just stops making what he was before. keep ur classics in rotation man. with that said, my apix stemline to multi gridded circ cannot be fucked with. even by the best "flower tube on the market" the stem 8. and for the money apix design in general cannot be fucked with. period! check him out at apixdesigndotcom get urself a stem to disk. or stem to double disk. if u want a king with a reduced neck get one of his king stems. u will be over the moon. and wont have been raped on price! goodluck


  8. Is there any specific perc that is known to be the best?
  9. Haha I wish people would agree on something..
  10. Lots of good glass in that price group.
  11. apix or ssfg ftw

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