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300 acres for next season

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jmoney989, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. I have someone with 300 acres of private property its secluded and completly untouched. I need some advice on how many plnts to grow in that area safely and some tips on how to run this grow. Im in florida so I have all winter to get ready to start in spring. Any advice or comments welcome
  2. well if you have 300 acres well grow a shit load but have loads of diffrent spots 3 in each spot spaced out so if you want to grow say 20 a helicopter could see them very easy if it's in the same spot
  3. I'd litrially go for dozens of grow spots, an area that size has been my dream for years.

    as mahy grow spots as possible, as many varietys as possible, just blame kids.

    (Check for geocachers first)

    now for THE REAL question...

    If you fill all 300 acres with pot, would the crew of the International space station Be able to see it from orbit. :cool:
  4. Oh snap i just confused feet with acres....300 ACRES?! WOW! I agree with what everyone is saying though, research the area, and make sure no one but you will pass by there. Other than that go wild, but it would be wise to space them out a bit, and i would suggest grow a variety of strains from 100% indica to 100% sativa
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    hey you could share your land with other growersbut have their own grow plots etc and they give some harvest to you for payment:D when i get my land i'll offer other growers places to grow
  6. he must be a real good friend or a fool to risk losing that much land for a friend. keep it simple dont get greedy and stay out of prison.

  7. Lose more to theives than cops or the nat guards, no one knows shit about me or mine.
    Tie them bitches over if they get to tall, make damn sure to cover the ground, dont want any hot spots from high altitudes showing on infrared. Grow short squat high yeild fast flowering plants...Get in and out before the theives start looking, and never hit the same spot twice, wait a couple years to grow there again, just in case the deer hunters found the holes.;)
  8. Sounds too good to be true:smoking:
  9. I'd have a blast in there.
    My advice, get an ATV and ride around to get a feel and look for trails or other signs of people.
    And when you plant, plant a ways from your atv trails.

    BUt really, would you wanna walk that 300 acres and try to find prime spots?
    ATVs are fun
  10. If you know nothing about growing, then I would hire someone to grow there because the potentional and money you could make would be so high that you wouldn't want to mess that up since it might be a one chance thing.

    Good luck with whatever you end up doing though brotha..
  11. Like a few others have said, if this is your first grow, I'd go small, maybe 10 plants, even with all that room. If you have no experience, you might be surprised how much work it is to keep much more than that going at once.

  12. My 20 plant (max) grows have all been situated within a 1 acre spread. If a helicopter hovered 200 feet overhead, I would wave and say hello. The native vegetation was perfect at concealing the crop. How many you can plant has more to do with what type of land it is and how it is situated and what sort of p;ants are already growing there than it does with how much actual acreage you have IMHO.
  13. if its really like that i'd go big and link it all up you heard me? sure fire way to success:confused:
    you should be on cg hiring land tenders

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