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  1. I saw this movie today with my brother and I thought it was pretty damn funny. I'm not much of a Jesse Eisenberg fan but I was laughing throughout most of the movie. I recommend it
  2. Thats good to hear. I was thinking of going to see it this weekend
  3. Cool I was thinking of going blazed as hell.
  4. A lot of the scenes were filmed in W. Michigan

    Fuck yea!
  5. I wish I had been blazed when I saw it. The best parts were from the previews.

  6. not what i wanna hear... love mcbride aziz and swardson so i was really thinking there was no possible way this movie could be a fail.
  7. I got really blazed before seeing it, it was so damn funny but I couldn't muster up the energy to leave, and kept my sun glasses on for like a quarter of the movie.
  8. That movie was HILARIOUS. A couple of friends and I went to see it and also planned on sneaking in for Final Destination 3D. It was amazing and the kill scenes were fantastic in 3D. Definitely wished i could've seen it blazed
  9. saw it ripped :smoking:

    it was hilarious plus it was based in michigan :hello:
  10. I saw it yesterday afternoon and it was hilarious. Smoked 3 bowls with my GF but she has a low tolerance so I basically smoked a little over 2 bowls. Hopped in the car and racked up skittles and sour gummy worms at the local store. Took the scenic route with a blunt in the air and went and saw the movie. Saved money on munchies because movie theater prices are outrageous lol.
  11. I saw it blazed too. Awesome.

    Did anyone see the tanning commercial after the credits?
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    fuuuuck no I didn't /: lol

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