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$30 grams?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tucan50, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Anyone ever paid this much? The guy says it is the by far the nicest bud he has ever smoked and hopefully I can work him down to 20-25. Where I live, it is very pricey, (average grams are $20). The times are changing.

    What is the MOST you have EVER paid for a gram????

  2. 30 is RARE it usually is a ripoff but if it is some crazy dank to the max then its worth it... Although I only pay 20 a g of dank or haze. The haze i get is definitley the best bud ive ever smoked, 20 a g. So ask to see it first, if it looks frosty as shit buy it, if not ask him or her to go down on the price and say its a rip off
  3. Thats expensive as hell, I never paid that much, but a friend of mine paid $25 for some sour diesel, I live in one of the most expensive counties in the nation, so bud is pricey unless its mids
  4. $25 a gram. But around sometimes it can be 30ish.
  5. Id much rather smoke a very Dank ass gram for 20.
    Than a very very Dank ass gram for 30.
    Like srsly, doesnt normal dank get you high enough?
  6. most i have ever payed is $25 a g but it was the best shit I have ever smoked. $30 a g seems a bit pricey...check it out first.
  7. I paid 30 bucks for a G of Shiva Skunk this weekend. I had smoked a bowl of it with my dealer and I had to buy some. Usually its about 20 a g for no name, and 30 a g for brand names, out here anyway.
  8. If I can get him down to 25 then I'll go for it.
  9. where I live, I won't pay anymore than 20 a g, at most 70 an eighth, my guy usually gives me 60 an eighth and charged me 70 for some haze he had and I asked him why so much and he was like, dude trust me, this bud is worth 70 an eighth and it very much was. best bud I have ever smoked.
  10. The best bud ive ever smoked has been 20 a G, and thats over here on the east coast with (generally) highly inflated prices, at least where I live. So for a 50% increase in cost over the best bud ive ever smoked, I would find it hard paying 30 a G for something unless its downright ridiculous....
  11. $30 bucks a gram is ridiculous.

    I've had some dank ass shit for $20 a gram and even that's a bit pricey IMO.

    Supply and Demand is everything, though. Especially in nonregulated trade such as weed sales.
  12. 30/g is $840 an ounce.. I don't care if its laced with Jesus's blood man thats too high.
  13. Especially if you prefer Jesus-Free bud.
  14. Yes, very true. :D
  15. seriously....if i had to pay that much I'd quit smoking all together
  16. #16 tucan50, Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 29, 2009
    He got mixed up and thought I wanted an O and said it would be $600. At that price the g's should be $21.

    EDIT: just want to add that this would be a onetime thing and usually I pay $20. this is my only option right now and want to celebrate the end of midterms w/ a bowl w/ my sister.
  17. most I've payed is $40 for 1.7
  18. Most Ive ever paid for a gram was 25 and it was dank

    But I got a blunt of it first :smoking:
    Test run ya know
  19. i payed 30 once for about 1.5 of northern lights blend but that was a special occasion
  20. ill pay 30 a gram for some grandaddy purp or some blueberry haze or a strain like those. but usually i pay 20 a gram 60 an eigth and 120 a quarter for some dank usually og kush or so

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