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30 a g.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Walk it Off, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Yeah these are the kind of bull shit prices i see in norhtwest Florida. It's the most expensive place, it really blows. Getting a hook up here with some close friends is always like 20 a g for mids. And i know it's not just me getting ripped off because everyone pays these prices. I have had one friend that knew people out of state and he would sell for 80 a quarter. Thats the only time i've ever seen prices that low.

    Im actually considering moving just because of this. Does anyone else pay these outrageous prices?
  2. around here its 10 a g but for really dank shit its 20 ....however theres hardly ever dank here lol mostly high mids but im happy with it...would be nice to find a dank hook up lol
  3. my friend usually pays 20 for 1g of high-mids and i thought he was getting SKIMPT. i've never seen worse than that though....

    i say start growing yourself
  4. Damn man that sounds amazing.
  5. Luckily I go to school with my dealer and have before he started dealing, so I get super good deals...

    Like monday i am picking up 9 gs of grape ape/train wreck mix for $100 :D
    you do the math per gram lol
    usually he gives me about 11-15 per gram of SUPER dank like the named shit

    Just move up here to the WA lol
    Kind of a long way but its worth it for green if you ask me...

  6. hell ya WA is tight as dro.

    well actually you might as well hit up BC homie, 20 an 8th for nothing less of dank.
  7. yeah well i would but i kinda need to graduate first ;)
  8. I always paid between 8 to 11 for danks, humboldt, med shit. but i was also buying in os or half os. the average price for just buying a g was 15 but again for dank shit no mids no beasters

  9. lol well we're well off enough as it is i'm tlaking to the 30/g guy up there :p
  10. not in SoutFlorida. Its 10 for mids over here.
  11. i hear florida has pretty decent prices actually.. for chronic anyway.
    shit, if you all pay that much i might need to take a little trip...
  12. another note to add about bellevue:
    weed is HUGE here. dealers are always competing, and they're all stepping it up each time and they're all nice as fuck. i recruited like 3 homies and now this guy hooks me up like 2.5 for 20 i just got that for some dank ass purple ice and cat piss. :)

    i love life sometimes
  13. #13 greenbliss, Feb 24, 2009
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    I think I would smoke once a month at those prices.

    1) save money from doing it less
    2) save money from lower tolerance
    3) enjoy weed more eact time you do it from it being more special
  14. In tallahassee which is probably around an hour or 2 from where you live, I get O's of crip for 300-315 that are dank.
  15. #15 Smokey-eyes77, Feb 24, 2009
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    A place called Lake county that resides right in the middle of florida,Seriously Right exactly in the middle.

    We pay 30 a qt around here for some decent middes,35 a qt for headies,40 a qt for some fire no name.
    And like 20-25 bucks a qt of bobby browns

    As of tonight,I will be grabbing a G of some CripyXOrange Krush homegrown for 20 bucks,and that is the most Ill ever pay for a gram.

    I have never heard of a qt of middies going over 50 bucks around here,Those prices suck ass.

    Edit:These aren't bulk prices by the way.
  16. Daaaamn...

    There's NO strain on earth worth 30 a G
    Too bad if there's nobody sellin' at normal prices over there..
  17. NE USA the street dealers around here charge 25-30 for a name.
  18. Damn man... 30 for a G sucks, up here in Canada I usually pay 10$ for a G and 50$ for a Q.
  19. Whoa, I get 4 g for 30. :S
    Bud usually sells for 10 a gino around here, but then there's this whole 4/30 deal. Don't really understand the reasing behind it, but yeah.
    (Northern Ontario, here, btw.)
  20. Yeah it really blows. A quarter of mids is 130. Im just going to save my money and drive somewhere where bud is much less expensive.

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