3 wks into flowering, doesn't look right!

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  1. Ok, first off, this was my first attempt and was done pretty lousy, but I just wanted to see how easily it could be done. I basically learned as I went along. The First mistake was using seeds from a bag, and it's been growing under your basic 30 watt flourescent (gro bulb) which is extremely week but its all I had available. Anyway, I let it veg until it got about 12" tall, and then I threw a light timer on to start the 12/12 process about 3 weeks ago. Well it finally started flowering a week ago and the more I look at it the more i realize it doesn't look too right, and I keep hearing this thing about "hermis" and bag seeds going hand and hand. Can anyone tell me if this looks right? Or what kinda strain it could be? Kinda looks like a bunch of seeds to me, however much I don't wanna believe it. Any help would be appreciated...

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  2. you have produced a beutiful specimen of a almost




    NExt time, buy more lights, and germinate more seeds.

    Dont smoke that,

    go plant it somewhere out doors, its the best thing you can do.


    Hempish? I can't smoke this thing? I'm still kinda confused, its starting to build up alot of resin on the leaves.

  4. Yeah, it looks like a hemp cannabis plant, google it.

    You could make hash out of the leaves but there is and will be no buds on it.
  5. no bud my friend :(, sorry to say its a male.
  6. Geeze, for some reason I thought male plants could also bud. What would you guys reccommend I do with this now? It smells real resinous, and looks like it too, is there any way to get more resin to pack into the leaves? I gotta smoke this plant regardless, otherwise I see it as a wasted effort. Should I just hang it up to dry now?
  7. dude you cant smoke a male plant it wont get u high and u will get a headache if anything theres no weed... obviously you cant smoke it
  8. resin on the leaves???? could you take a pic of this? as far as my knowledge reaches males do not produce enough excessive resin for it to be noticable.
  9. lol, eww its a dude. Do ALOT of reading and learn as much as you can about growing, those plant lights you speak of are not good, use at least flourescents or a high pressure sodium is best. They look as if they stretched too, get some fouros and put them really close to avoid that next time. And if you know any body elce that grows ask them to hook you up with a clone, it will be much easier for an unexperienced grower.(although alot of good lessons come from growing from seed). hope this helps peace.
  10. I hear a lot of people use males to cook with, and it gets them stoned....so it's possible to get high off a male. Just do some reading dude... you'll find something to do with it.
  11. i second that! dont smoke it cos youll have a banger of a head ache, but cooking with it will be bomb. an no wasted product/effort!!:hello:
  12. just do something creative with it, artsy fartsy stuff.

    or plant it outside, whos know maybe next year ull have a bunch of mj growing.
  13. youre a negative fuck who doesnt need to insult people when they are obviously asking a question and need help. you could have found a much better way to make your post. but i want you to know how it sucks to be flamed when youre asking a question.
  14. whos the negative one there bud..good job with constructive critisism..you just go off on the guy for not needing to insult ppl and there u go and in the same sentense insult him, without even offering help to the guy you 'sticking up for'...

    ok, what you can do with the plant is keep growin it, as long as you dont have other females near, and try to get seeds from it. that way youll have a shit load of seeds come the next time you start growing with better supplies...
  15. lots of bad advice, a little good.

    First unless it turns hermie, or you have females around thier will be no seeds. That is a male plant, that looks very stretched for light. Well congrats on your first male, sucks.

    If thier is female plants around this 1 you need to kill it now quickly, gogogogo. If thats your only plant, you can let it grow untill it release its pollen, then kill it dry it, and either do an extraction method, or use it to make cannabutter, either will produce some result. Smoking it WILL GIVE YOU A MEAN HEADACHE REPEAT DO NOT SMOKE IT.

    Marijuana comes from clusters of female flowers, and pistils witch are little hair like structure that are used to collect male pollen, to create seeds. Sensimilla (nuggets/dank) are basically virgin females, they have never been pollenated, often near the end of some females lifecycle (espacially long flowering sativas) they will produce male flowers in a last ditch effort to cary on their gentics.

    Males have no purpose, and most growers will toss them out. Thier a hazard to have around any of your virgin girls, as thier just waiting to jump thier bones. Personally since space is an issue in my grow room once a male has been successfully identified, it is pitched. You grow yours out long enough that thier might be some resin production, but don't be suprised if you get a crappy high or not one at all.
    just plant it as far away from any good meds in the area and get a new bean....

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