3 Weeks Into Flowering With My Girls - Pics Inside

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  1. Howdy fellow gardeners...
    Using everything I could possibly learn from all of you here, I wanted to show what I have got so far. If anybody sees anything obvious that I'm missing or need to do, please chime in.
    For those that have read all my posts, I talked about getting my girls up to 5-6' tall. If you include the bucket, I'm almost there, but not intentionally!


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  2. Looks good, brobeans!
    What's the genetics?  Looks pretty sativa-ey to me, but im a noob so correct me if I'm wrong.
    What are you using as far as lighting and nutrients?  Temps and humidity?
    Our girls are only a few days apart, I'm about 3.5wk into flower myself!!
    Lookin' forward to this one.  Feel free to peek at my journal, my link is in my sig.
    Take it easy :wave:
  3. I have a Tutankhamun (AK-47 selection is all I can find) and El Alquemista (Freebie, AK-47 x Northern Lights). Using a 400W HID kit with digital dimmable ballast from ebay (surprised how well it works and kinda wish I had opted another $20 for 600w) and have been using Miracle Grow rose food with a dash or two of epsom salt occasionally. Soil is miracle grow potting soil. Its all packed into a closet, so temps range from 75-78 in the night (lights out) and 82-92 during the day.
    This all started as a MacGuyver project, started with a couple CFL's. When the Alchemista was about 20" tall and the Tut about 14", I got the HID kit and ran them under MH for a week so the Alchemista would atleast get 2 ft tall. That was my first mistake, when I switched the light cycle to 12/12 and to the HPS bulb they went nuts and now they're both almost 4.5 ft of plant.
    I know I'm using the worst possible soil and nutes but I'm super paranoid about ordering stuff that screams what I'm growing so I've stuck with a "Local only" philisophy except for the lighting and ventilation. I'm glad it has done so well thus far. The southeast can be a scary place.
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    Do you have any ventilation in place?  92 is hot man, mine got up there but not that high.
    I have a ~400 cfm fan pulling through a 1000w ac hood, and temps got up to 88.  I took a six inch ducting extender, duct-taped some insect screen on the outside, and slid that bad boy in a lower unoccupied ducting sleeve.  Temps are now golden.
    As far as the paranoia surrounding buying equipment online, no one will tell the cops anything lol.  If you're in jail, they can't take your money.  For all they know you're getting a soil mix for your tomatoes.  The only thing that screams cannabis is a carbon filter. 
  5. Is that Jack Herer ? :)
  6. Jack Herer!? I WISH! (as long as I could be reincarnated as the younger him...)
    or were you talking about the strain!?
    Ya I got one of the big booster fans pulling air in from a HUGE 6" charcoal canister (think its 28" or somewhere close), 480cfm inline fan, ducted into the attic. It RARELY gets 92 in there, usually only when its 80 in the house. Some days the AC just cant keep up with the sunshine.
  7. Sounds like a solid setup. AK x NL sounds absolutely delightful lol.  Havn't seen any AK in my neck of the woods in a LONG time, although NL is commonplace at pretty much every collective I've visited.  You growing from seed or clone?
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    I never knew another soul around me that grows so I had to order seeds off the interwebs. It felt like it took an eternity to get the first 2 to grow... then I thought I killed em and planted 2 more but they came back, and now the other 2 are going on the flower cycle. The closet is getting STUFFED! O ya, and I'm trying to clone for the first time right now too. I had one growing some BEAUTIFUL roots so I potted it a few weeks ago. Hasn't grown an inch but its still green. Maybe one day. I'll go get some pictures for an update, stand by for a few.

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  9. And I JIZZ. IN. MY PANTS.  LOL those girls are sexxxxxy. 
    I ordered $118 worth of seeds from attitude and they NEVER SHOWED UP!! I was SO pissed man, I bought 13 seeds and got 20 free bc I ordered during their xmas special.  Then I got some seeds from the dispensary and here we are.  Could've gotten three packs from the dispensary if I didn't waste the money on attitude.
  10. I'm flabergasted, thank you!!!!
    Really wasnt expecting all this the first time round. I expected some moldy, spiter mite and fungus gnat attacked dried out wilted overfertilized underwatered mess LOL!!!! I basically read everybody's disaster story and came to expect it.
    I've enjoyed growing so much... even though I haven't had any home grow bud yet. Even if it tastes horrible and only gives a mediocre buzz I'd do it all over again. Its pure insanity that this was ever illegal.
  11. Exactly.  Outlawing nature just seems unnatural.  Forgot where I heard that from....  As George Washington put it, "Make use of the Indian hemp seed and sow it everywhere."
    Lol I've been expecting something to go wrong too, but it's been very forgiving thus far.  No bugs etc knock on wood. 
    I guess as FTGs we can only ask for a successful grow which we can learn from and eventually if we put enough effort forth, we can improve.  I've been thinking up a water-only soil mix for the next batch. B)

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