3 Week Old Seedling, Okay, To Cut First Leaves...?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Magic Man 420, May 27, 2013.

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    3 Week old seedling. The 1st leaves are browned but they used to be gray. They were damaged in a transplant after over watering poorly aerated soil...
    Is it okay to cut these leaves?
    I'm wondering if it will hurt the growth or help it by focusing energy on the newer leaves?


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  2. Is that webs over the dead leaves?

    Normally id say leave until they fall off but yours look nasty in those pics.
    Id flick em lightly if they fall off then so be it, if they dont then they are still living somewhat but are so brown I dont see as to how they could do anything.
    I changed my mind on myself, id just remove them.
    Reasons are they look bad (not bad as in pretty but bad as in something is up with them), they arnt giving the plant any energy being that brown and if they are still secure to the main stem they are probably sucking nutrients from the healthy leaves.
    All that cupping on new growth, still overwatered?
  4. What kind of soil did you have it in before and after transplant?? It looks like your soil might be "hot" or like you fed it nutes to early. Either that or they're BADLY overwatered. We gotta have some more Info before anyone can help you out bro
  5. Some organic generic soil from a local shop, 60/40 soil to gravel ratio. Had problems YES I overwatered the shit out of her we while she was in a 80/20 soil/gravel mix which was damn near mud...
    check my Sig, page 5-6 explains...

    She's been replanted, no nutes yet and she's going on her 4th week above soil (given she took a week in shock before she grew new leaves. So she's a little behind)
  6. Three weeks? You're doing something very wrong! And no, you should never ever remove leaves from a plant this small. You have a serious nutrient lockout or watering issues. Drop some more info about your grow and we might be able to help out :)
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    The above poster is correct, I would start over at this point. At one week a seedling should be farther along than that, but 3 weeks and still only 2 nodes is definitely way off. Need info on lighting, the medium, temperature and humidity, etc to help out further.
    If I had to guess, its the medium. I have no idea what it's planted in, but it doesn't look good for cannabis plants.
  8. I'd say it's in something totally incompatible with life at all.. small as it is remove it from it's toxic surroundings and plant in something friendly to life.. say one of the fox farms soils.. in a 3 inch cup and tell if it needs water by lifting the pot..
  9. 3 weeks? maybe he meant 3 days, if its really 3 weeks have mercy and kill the plant  :eek:
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  10. Guys, go to page 6 of my grow in the Sig, all info us there....

    ^ if it was totally incompatible, then why had it sprouted 6 new leaves? Do you guys read the whole post before you post?
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    NO, NOT 3 DAYS...3 WEEKS, I KNOW she looks bad for 3 weeks, if she didn't, I wouldn't be on the forum Sherlock....! She's been above soil since May 6...
    YES, i just stated that I totally over watered her and her soil WAS Poorly aerated (really muddy, due to no perlite/gravel.)

    Nooo I'm not gonna give up on her, its my first grow, I'd like to finish it with all errors/noob mistakes (like the ones I made already) so when I start on my (known) Genetics, I won't be dealing with this shit. THIS IS A BAGSEED TEST RUN FYI guys


    I'm asking about cutting them because they seem like they are sucking the energy from the new growth! I Fixed the damn medium, hence the new growth!

    MEDIUM - 60/40 Organic Generic soil/Gravel

    LIGHTS - 4) 68W (actual) CFL, 4200 LUMENS Each. ( just added these on Friday, before it was 6 23Ws)
    2) 23W (actual) CFL, 1600 LUMENS Each.
    Distance from plants does not burn my hand so I figured it was okay.

    TEMPS are 70-80 degrees thoughtout day n night times. I keep my a/c on 75.

    HUMIDITY - 40-50%

    LASTLY, check my sig for this grow, and YES PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DAMN THREAD BEFORE YOU SPEW COMMENTS/ADVICE! a lot of answers to your questions are in the THREAD if you're not too much of a lazy ass to read it, LOL
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    What's your pH?
    Have you tried not watering it for a while?
    Edit: nevermind, I'll take a look at your journal later :)
  13. kk
    Yeah, the pH was 6.2 when i last checked but that was a week ago. I stopped watering for about 4 days and the new leaves showed up
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    I don't want to be rude but your literally wasting your time on these. they look like 48 hour plants. your better off starting again with new soil, they just aren't growing mate

    you say you want to finish it but it's not even started properly

    don't worry about your light at this point, the problem is below the soil, the plant is showing that quite clearly. it's either toxic soil due to too high a concentration of soluble solids, or your ph is way way out, or your soil is left too wet for too long
  15. I've got 3 seedlings 1 week old that look like champs....so I got the hint she might not make it long ago, but I can't chop her when she's showing new growth....does that make any sense?
  16. not really, not to me. if you still want it just drop a new seed, it will be further along in 3 days. that to me makes more sense
  17. Fuck it, I chopped the dead leaves off...we'll we what that does
  18. the dead leaves aren't shading other leaves so it makes no difference either way
  19. Ok either you are a troll, or just plain stupid. According to the pic, your plant is dead.
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    But Gold, wouldn't they be sucking vital energy from the new growth? Isn't that why people trim yellow/brown leaves anyway?
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