3 week old clones, only a couple having problems.

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    hey guys, first off thank you for any help in advance.

    heres the background info....


    OK so I have 12 feminized Nirvana Swiss Cheese clones. Everything started off great, they popped in 12hrs I had my cotyledon (not sure how to spell that)leaves within 36hrs.I transplanted them into bigger pots at about a week old. for the most part they are all still fine. I have given them some 1/4 strength advanced nutrients products, and superthrive. I gave it o them for three waterings and noticed some discoloration on the the tips of some leaves. I assumed this was nutrient burn so i stopped with the nutrients for a couple of waterings. It has seemed to stop spreading and they are all looking pretty ok to me.

    Watered on last Monday...

    Now on Thursday night I noticed that one of the plants had really droopy leaves and it was mostly on the lower sets of leaves. Mainly the bottom two. thought this little girl was just more thirsty. So I watered all of them on Friday Morning again...

    Friday night when I got home at like 330 she was perking up again. I thought that I solved the problem.

    Saturday night when I got home she was drooping again, and the oldest set of leaves were severely yellowing. That same yellowing is also spreading the second oldest set. The second oldest set also has some brown spots on it .

    Note* the drooping is not really the leaves themselves but more the stem just not being firm to hold the leaf up. also some stems have purple-ing on top side.

    now for the details...

    light is on a 20/4 schedule
    they are under a 150w HPS, I have a 600w waiting until they are a little older.
    They started in MG seedling soil/jiffy pots
    Then transplanted into bigger pots with roots organics soil.
    They are watered with only Arrowhead gallon jugs, and are fed about 8oz.
    I water every 3-4 days.
    I have a oscillating fan on them from above on the wall facing down above the light.

    this morning when I woke up I decided to give her a flush. I ran 1/2 a gallon through, I'm still stressing so I thought I would run it by some OG's



    PIC 1. second oldest set of leaves with the oldest set in background

    PIC 2. close up of second oldest set of leaves, middle leaf.

    PIC 3. third set of leaves very minor yellowing on tips of serrations.

    PIC 4. top, very minor yellowing on tips of newest growth.hard to see sorry!

    ROW TWO.

    PIC 5. problem plant

    PIC 6. canopy, pointing at problem plant.

    PIC 7. side shot

    PIC 8. Healthy plant... or at least i hope it is!


    PIC 9. top of healthy plant

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  2. Dam those are monsters for bein 3 weeks. Some one help this guy out free bmp
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    I would say your seedlings are getting root bound....
  4. I have two suspects for you on the yellowing...

    First I think the soil ph is a little low, looks like some early magnesium def setting in. It may be a little hot and locking it out. A flush would help.

    Second is the pot. That is pretty shallow for MJ unless you've cut the tap root. They can feed weird if the roots aren't happy. A deeper container would make them a little happier maybe, I see this with my mother plants a lot (they are in similar shallow ones).

    Hope this helps!
  5. Thank you Ed, In regards to the root problem. Would me taking a picture help? I checked the roots on her the other day and everything looked normal. all white and fuzzy.

    I did not cut the tap root btw.
  6. I think you're better off checking the runoff ph first, ph should always be the first thing to rule in or out. If you run some distilled water through there and measure the runoff, that'll tell you if it's acidic or not. 6.4 or lower and you are most likely seeing lockout. A flush will help or raise your water going in a little bit.

    If your ph is OK, then I'd consider a bigger container - which you will need eventually :)
  7. I'm on it, results tomorrow.

    for checking PH just water till i get runoff and test a sample right. Just want to double check, thanks

    Eventually the girls will be with their mom so they will have all the room they need. the Nursery is temporary. when I send them to her I want them to have everything they need and nothing they dont... ;)

    I almost forgot to thank wharfrat74back Thanks for taking the time to respond, Imma first double check the ph if thats not it. I'm goin with your suggestion and they're gonna get some bigger pots.

    wish me luck!
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    Almost forgot to add a picture

    on the bottom set of leaves I i t seem that it is originating in the veins first, I am not sure if that makes difference or not.

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  9. That is correct ;) Used distilled or RO & let her piss just a little bit first, the early runoff is usually kinda funky. Grab a sample after an ounce or two has drained out.

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