3 week Autoflower not vegging... HELP!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ineeddank, May 23, 2010.

  1. I have m last Pakistan Ryder in some organic soil from wal mart. (first try in soil) I germed in a wet paper towel and planted it in my soil in a medium size flower pot and put in under my light from my AeroGarden deluxe. Its 20 days in and it doesnt look like it has really grown any since it popped up out of the soil. shes very much alive and reacts to the light. Im confused with what to do. could the soil be too tight for root growth? water runs thru it pretty quickly. or am i just stressing over nothing? i choose this soil bbecause it was the only one with out miracle grow in it. but this soil does look like it came out my back yard. Does anyone have any helpful info that could help me with this????:confused:
  2. What kind of lights are they? CFL's? if so how many watts and how close are they? i dont think the soil is the problem some pictures would be really great if you need help.

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