3 starting var.'s

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by froggy, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. ok im gonna start an indoor thing and looking for the best 3 variety suggestions u all can give me for starting out.

    prob. gonna order from bestdirect.

  2. if your new i wouldnt start out with anything to expensive something that can take alot of damage to it and still turn out decent and then work your way up to the good stuff... Skunk #1 can take alot of abuse... Hollands hope Tall very HIGH yield i got 1200 grams out of one of those one year... these plants will do good because they have very high mold resisitant... but dont water your plants at night and you wont have to worry about this as much ( or wehn you turn your lights of) also mite want to start with a indoor outdoor mix i kno nirvana has this and these allways are good for beginer growers...
  3. well im a botanist so i dont think im a beginner grower...just new to the weed growing indoors.

    fyi i got my seeds from seedsdirect. only took them less than two weeks to deliver...im very happy and will try a better brand next time.

    nirvana for starters. also ordered female only

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