3 rolls for 30?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by canabliss, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. sound like a good deal this'll b my first time im buying 3 1 for me and each of my friends that are joining me there paying for the bud while i take care of teh e. not sure what rolls they are yet.
  2. yeh tht sounds about rite for pricing.. just get a 10 pack for 100
  3. lack of chash im down to my last 30 bucks :(
  4. Depends on where you are at, but here everyone tries to sell them 15 each. I always talk them down of course, but 3 for thirty would be considered a good deal where I be..
  5. thats the deal i get for my rolls and im from mass...but my buddy who gets them hooks me up and sells them for 15 to people he doesnt know or like
  6. Spaz agrees that's a good price. Things always get cheaper in bulk, especially E. When SWIM "got rid" of rolls, it was $12 a piece, as $15 is normal in NJ. Eventually it'd be $80 for 10, which isn't bad.

    SWIM was grabbing 440 bombs for just under $200. Then all hell breaks loose on deals, haha. Let us know what/how they are!
  7. Depends where you live...Rolls in the bay area go as little as 5$ a roll but in socal they can go for 10$ a roll...but 3 for 30 would be considered good
  8. What type of rolls you getting?
    Hope you don't get bunks
  9. holy crap thats expensive where i live, you can get very good clean rolls, 50 for 100 bucks
  10. That's actually a good price where I live. Well I get three hits of Molly for that price, but that's basically the same thing.
  11. i wish i was where yall were...e sells for 20-30 a pill here!
  12. Dayummm. Most ive seen is 15 a pill. I would never pay 30 bucks for a roll cuz i usually take 2-3 within a night.
  13. I got mine for $10 a piece, but that's because I bought some other shit as well.
  14. 10 is normal here but its not considered a hooked up price, some people sell them for 7 but 10 usually ensures a quality roll
  15. whoah....good deal where im from one pill goes as much as $20. So have fun rollin =]
  16. Wow, I wish I had those prices, I have to pay $20 a pill for the Pink Stars, but their clean so I guess that's what I get for having peace of mind knowing that my pills are clean.
  17. im having trouble with this connect. so im trying to different guys i really NEED these 3 pills for Saturday me and homies are gonna bond :) im in charge of music so were gonna be listening to alost of psytrance/goa

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