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3 quick questions??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lilhaze, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. 1.I left an oz of weed in a masons jar for 3 months in a safe because i had to attend family business and i'm going back home this week and do you think it'll still be fine?

    2.How is schwag weed when you vaporize it?

    3.Do you guys have any links to weed helping people sleep??

    thank you for any help :smoke:
  2. 1. As long as it was dry it will be fine.

    2. It's OK, but you taste what you bargain for

    3.Weed For Sleep

  3. 1.Fine
    2.I Dont know
    3. Uh no links but indica usually makes people sleepy and helps with insomnia
  4. 1. Yes it should be fine as long as its stayed in the jar.
    2. It's okay, I personally don't like vapes but I've never used a good one either.
    3. I don't know of any links but, smoking like an hour and a half before going to bed if perfect for me. You enjoy most of your high and you can easily fall asleep.

  5. thank you i know i should look it up but i'm on my cell phone, but ya thanks +rep to all of you
  6. vaping schwag > smoking schwag
  7. the weed should be fine.

    i hate schwage.. ill avoid em if i can.. when i can..

    weed for sleep? lready covered.

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