3 Part System?

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  1. My cousin got me a 14.5mm Roor diffused downstem (pic below) as a gift without realizing that the bong I have doesnt work with it... :eek:
    I really liked it however, so I decided to get a bong that works with it. As I was browsing GC's collection of bongs I came across multiple references to wether I wanted a "3 Part System" or not. What exactly does this mean?

  2. bong+downstem+bowl=3 part system
  3. As opposed to...? Sorry, this is my first time building a bong from the downstem. I normally just go to a headshop and buy one I like so I never had to worry about compatibility issues or know the terminology.
  4. Xeniar, I seriously just recommend taking the downstem to a headshop with you (ASSUMING IT'S CLEAN) and choose a bong locally according to which one fits your downstem.

    Buying online is very tricky, you have to take into account that your downstem might be longer than what the bong you ordered is. Shopping in person lets you physically make sure that the bong you choose fits your downstem.

    Or, you could just fuck all this guessing and checking a snag a matching ROOR :smoke:

  5. Haha, ya I was trying to avoid going to the headshop but I have to agree with that logic.

    I kinda wish there was a way to contact the artist/company who makes it to ask them specification questions for times like these.

    Thanks for the input tho.
  6. Like the above said, 3 piece is bowl, downstem, and bong.

    A 2 piece system would be like a bong with like a grommet style downstem, like this-

  7. In other words?

    2 Part System = No Slider but Shotgun Hole
    3 Part System = Slider, no hole.

    The specific bong im looking at is this one:

    In the case that I already have the RooR downstem thats in the first post, and I wanna get the Icebong, I should go with the 3 part system correct? So I can trade out the downstem that comes with it for the RooR one that I have.

  8. Okay Xeniar to put it simply.

    2 part = The bowl is connected to the downstem, so when you pull the bowl to clear it you are also pulling out the downstem all in 1 piece.

    3 part = The downstem is seperate from the bowl, so when you pull the bowl to clear it, the downstem is still left in the bong.

    And also Xeniar, for that Icebong, I would contact GC Shop and find out how long the downstem is that comes with it, that way you can see if the length of your ROOR downstem will match that of the Icebong

  9. I got it now, thanks.

    Thats a good idea. Again, thanks!
  10. Also Xeniar, sorry about this double post but may I suggest a physically proving better bong than the Icebong?

    This baby is only 55$ and it's name brand (German glass - GOOD QUALITY). It has an ice pinch unlike the Icebong (which trust me is nice) as well as this is a straight shooter style making it a LOT easier to clear, and a lot less breath needed to hit it (bigger hits).

    Check it out! http://www.grasscity.com/us_en/smok...s/ehle-straight-cylinder-ice-100ml-green.html

    Also, I HIGHLY recommend one of these if your gonna get this. It will keep your bong looking like new, and will filter your hits making them a bit smoother. http://www.grasscity.com/us_en/ehle-bottle-shaped-precooler-green.html

    (TBH, after checking out this setup, for German glass that's sturdy as hell, I might even look into getting one!)
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    Holy crap, thats tight!
    Its Cheaper, I've actually heard of EHLE, Ice Pinch, simple, small.....

    I love it! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Sold! Haha, thanks so much for all your help!

    Oh and I have a 5-arm tree A/C that I got from someone a few months ago that I couldn't use (that seems to be a growing trend...) so I got that covered, but yet one more time, thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Haha no problem bud! Glad to help ya out

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