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3 minute pot brownies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by womanizer, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. does this work? :cool:

    had to ask

  2. that may or may not work, but it seems like it would be horrible to eat

  3. haha I know. but that would be so epic
  4. those look like they have a terrible consistency...
  5. you sure as hell aint gonna cook no egg in a microwave in 3 minutes. lol nah but it might work. three minutes should be plenty of time to get the thc activated. but god it would taste terrible
  6. i'd rather not put an eighth into just 1 edible, rather just put it in couple firecrackers.
  7. Almost positive these work, my teacher was telling us the other day about an email she got about making delicious choco cake int he microwave in 3 minutes.
  8. pot ice cream would be awesome
  9. it will get you high, but microwaves are a big THC kill. But it's your weed, do as you please.
  10. QFT. totally not worth it in my opinion.

    EDIT: beefhat, i may have to lay the smackdown.
  11. well im gonna try this out with half a gram of strawberry skunk.
    will post results.
  12. thems some ghetto ass brownies man, it could probably work, but..... maybe not worth it?
  13. It'd probably work, as the oil would heat up enough to extract the THC.

    Firecrackers seem like they would be more efficient though.
  14. but they taste so bad that my buzz is killed before it starts.
    hopefully these are good.
    side note: took me 3:45 on high (1250W) to cook it, so those directions may need to be altered depending on your altitude (im around 400 feet).
  15. I REALLY WOULD NOT wast an 1/8th on something that "might" WASTE IMO...

    and uh-oh dirt...SOMEONE DONE STOLE YA AVATAR...:D
  16. so did you eat it?
  17. yeah it tastes good actually. didnt stink up the kitchen when i cooked it either (though it did smell, just not too uncontrollable).
  18. Hell ya, good shit man, can't wait to hear a report about how you are feeling off of them.
  19. YES i was looking for this

    beamish i wanna hear them results
  20. btw unless you use a full eighth or more i would probably half the ingredients list. this is alot of cake. 1/4 of it left... sooo fuulll. probably could have just eaten this and been full without the pizza lol.
    oh and i think if i left it at 3 min it would have been perfect, so keep to the directions (came out a little dry and overcooked at 3:45).

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