3 kilos of mids and 1000km of road = paranoia!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheBotanist, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey gc
    Today i recieved 3kilos of some pretty good bud which cost me R270 which is about $27 at the mo (I live in South Africa). Pretty good hey:).
    The prob is i'm leaving home on friday to go back to university. I have done the whole stealth thing but I am properly nervous! This is the most bud iv ever owned let alone driven around with. Anyway the route i'm going isnt that cop busy but. YOU NEVER KNOW!!:)
    Thought I would share..... Any advice or comments?
  2. Follow the fuckin law! dont be nervous, JUST FOLLOW ALL LAWS.

    If for some fucked reason, bribe the cop with money, i heard there easily bribed
  3. Will definitely not be speeding or breaking any laws of any kind!! Ya they can be bribed but their price is a lot higher than what I have at the moment.... So lets hope it doesn't come to that.
  4. wait, you payed 27 dollars for 3 kilos of bud, fancy dropping by scotland on your way home
  5. Dude, i'm sure if you looked around scotland hard enough you could find some gypsies or someone who could hook you up good and cheap!
  6. dude if ur travelling wit weed have atleast r250 on u for bribes.....just in case and best of luck...oh nd take ur gf wit u....makes it less suspicious
  7. if only!
  8. I have no cash! As said before. Plus the gf is waiting at the other side :(. I guess i'm gonna look pretty suspicious, all nervous and shit and a 19yr old male driving alone. Kinda suits the cops description to a tee.
  9. shit dude just play it cool...im off to session,will send som + vibes
  10. Nothing suspicious about a guy driving somewhere on his own.

    Stop bugging out man.
  11. Wait.

    3000 grams for 27 dollars??

  12. yeah man.. bud is cheap as hell down here

    the dank too :hello
  13. that's a lot of weed. Just go the speed limit.
  14. How does anyone make any money selling bud at prices like that?
  15. Start now on getting it hidden REAAAALLLY well. I'd put the whole thing in the middle of a slab of concrete, or in a trap, or something else you come up with.

    Just make sure that if you are pulled over, you don't give them a reason to do anything but give you a ticket or w/e they do over there.

    Does this 1000km road happen to go international? What are boarders like?

    Emblazened: Because america is a giant shit hole of inflation and greedyfuckers.

  16. of course ahaha.. why else would they do it?

    to be nice..? i think not :p

    most of the stuff i get is grown by locals, and even though its so cheap its makes them alot more money compared to cash crops..
  17. The thing is that South Africa is full of poor township people, who grow crops in their gardens next to their veggies/maize. It is cheaper than beer for them and unless your selling to a white person (i'm by the way), then there is no market.

    But on the other end of the scale... Sometimes at university i buy some dank cali orange/cali mist or kush for R200 a baggie/ (10 gr.). So it depends on the area, how poor people are and what they think of you... Tourists get ripped for shit!!
    But ya. when i made this deal, it was a definite early xmas, i was surprised shitless:D. Pity i'm in the middle of exams.:cry: . I am not letting go of this supplier. We gonna do some sweet long business together.
  18. holy shit 27 bucks for three kilos. that's crazy. i can't even get an 1/8 for that money here.
  19. YEA pretty crazy! for you guys its like going down to Mexico:p
  20. dude that is awesome botanist. can you take any pictures please? i just want to see what the bud looks like down there.
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