3 hours of direct sunlight - habiba autos

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  1. I have some habiba auto fems growing. They are about 53 days old. They are on my porch and only get about three hours of direct sunlight a day. The rest is shaded. They look good maybe a little short. I noticed my buds are smaller than most journals at same age.

    If I can get them to somewhere with more light will it benefit the plants yield? Or will it hurt the plant since it is used to the cycle it's got going on now?

    20170706_141611.jpg 20170706_141752.jpg 20170706_141729.jpg 20170706_141719.jpg
  2. Ideally autos should go 18/6 under lights

    maybe ok on the patio but severely retarded

    Autos Do autoflower, they can reach full maturity with the tiniest immature buds ever

    avoid this and give them your 3 hours of patio light, but add 15 hours of 300w LED or better 400w-600w HPS

    perhaps too late for this grow

    be ready for the next

    good luck
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  3. Wtf you think my babies are retarded! My mom always told me not to reproduce lol.
    Thanks for the feedback back. I know I'm pretty late in the grow on these ones.

    My 600w HPS is just too hot in the house right now.

    So I have one spot now I can move them but risk getting them stolen (fucking city). Will the risk be worth the reward? Figuring I have 2-3 weeks left, will my yield be much different than if I leave as is?

    Thanks again I appreciate the info!
  4. 2-3 weeks under a 600w hps is ideal

    use fans or like the auzzies consider using the hps at night ..?
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  5. Yep, will do. I see you giving a lot of good advice, thanks for sharing. I'll add this to my journal.
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