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3 ho' mean...HO HO HO!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. Merry Christmas to all!

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  2. ......and to all..........

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  3. That's great pal!! Here's wishing you and yours a safe, happy, high holiday!!

    Sorry about that pal, seems that I was able to sneak in before ya got done....
  4. .........A GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Got your shopping done yet?Finished up the bulk of it on Saturday and decided to celebrate with the flu that's going around here.
    (Something got in my stomach and screamed, "EVERYBODY OUT! BOTH EXITS! NO WAITING!)

    I love the holidays.

    But I hate the frigging shopping!

    But it were'nt nuthin a big ol' hooter did'nt fix!

    After this today, only five more days of work this year!


    Happy Holidays Blades!
  6. Yup smokin, got the shopping almost wrapped up. Thank God, LOL. I hear ya about that bug. I caught it here right after Thanksgiving, what a bitch it was. Constant puking and shitting for about 24 hours, no fun!! Thankfully it was only one of those 24 hour bugs around here. I'm not sure I could have put up with that for much longer!!

    We've somehow managed to almost wrap up another year....where the hell has the time been going?

    I'm hoping ya feel better soon pal, sending some good karma your way. And I'll smoke a bowl for ya later too!
  7. yeah we had that 24 hour bug hjere as i had ring sting for like a week from shittin that much.....Peace out...Sid

    ps got all the presents in and 4 working days to the works day out on expect to hear from a very drunk Sid on Monday out...Sid

  8. Can't wait for that!! I'll be tipsy to so between us we should have some interesting posts!
  9. i bet santa does crap in peoples chimmneys? ha, santas a funny guy...
  10. In the spirt of the Holiday's I bring you the snowman orgy..

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  11. Thought ya'll would like to know where the Snowman's nose really came from.....

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  12. Can't wait for that!! I'll be tipsy to so between us we should have some interesting posts!

    yeah i'm gonna be really smashed....going for a meal at 12.30pm and then a heavy bevy session at the pub all day...

    it's like my dad used to say...."on a friday night me and pal would sort out the worlds problems, and by the next morning they'd gone and fucked it all up again" out...Sid
  13. Those are too funny!!!!

    I have a little bit of my shopping done. I love shopping right before Christmas. It makes Christmas that much cooler for me! I hate seeing Christmas stuff out before Thanksgiving because usually by the time Christmas is finally here, I'm over it.

    Plus, I like to watch people and so it's cool to get really stoned and then go shopping and watch everybody completely stress over the crowds and not finding exactly what they want. People lose their minds...and it's funny!!!! :)
  14. HIGH All, *LOL* seeing your cartoons made me think of this one.

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  15. HIGH All, and while looking for that one I found critters picture on the net.

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  16. i saw this somewhere around the city a while ago... thought i'd bring it back...

  17. Bring what back?
  18. damn... forgot to post the pic. lol.

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  19. I'd probably cry if I saw that too!
  20. You cruel sick motherfucker...i like it!!....luckily everyone here is over you're crying now you shouldn't be here....leave at once......Peace out...Sid

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