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  1. Starting to keep a journal here in the city as this is my who knows how manyeth soil grow attempt and 1st try at autos. I have had a successful hydro grow, but would like to eventually go organic.

    6-1-12 dropped beans in shot glasses
    1) nirvana auto northern light fem
    1) dinafem critical + auto (freebie)

    3 gal smartpot knock offs, with promix organic soil.

    Wish me luck!
  2. Update 6-3-12

    Beans popped, both placed in 3 gal smart pots with promix organic soil.
  3. Update 6-6-12

    NL auto is out of the soil and already on its first 2 razor leaves after the coytledones.

    Critical auto is still hiding.
  4. 7-1-12 all 3 autos are showing female. Very disappointed in the 2 nirvana NL autos. Very small, not sure I'd even call them mature. Critical + auto is looking good. Really starting to takr off..
  5. Sub'd, you should post some pics soon. Like to see the progress...
  6. Nirvana northern light auto

    Two below are both the critical +auto (same plant)



    If my other critical +auto is near as good as this one i'll be amazed!
  7. And no, the leaves on the C+a are not yellow, thats the angle of the light from sunset.

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