3 Free Joints, $4 Skateboard, Epic Day

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  1. I'm going to tell you all of the epic day i had 3-4 days back.

    i wake up at around 1pm as per usual and head off to the mall and on the way there i saw a yard sale. now having no money at the moment i take not of all the cool shit there and make it my mission to return at one point.

    I arrive downtown and i see this one female who i know wants in my pants but she is to young(14) so i make chit chat w/ her(asking if shes seen our friend who has gone missing(6 days now)) and she walks off.

    So im kinda pissed because no one has seen my friend when this oldish lady walks up to me and says that there are joints under a branch near where I am sitting and that i can have them if i want them.

    AT THIS POINT IM PARANOID BUT I GO LOOK AND THEY ARE SITTING RIGHT THERE IN A BAGGY SO I GRAB THEM AND SKEDDAT.(later on i find out she was hoing on a plane soon and she couldnt take them with her.)

    i smoke half of one because it went out and i ran out of matches.now i need to walk back home when i pass the yard sale i notice that a skateboard i had my eye on was still there so i ask the guy how much, run home, grab some cash, a lighter, and my tools. I walk up and buy the board for FOUR MOTHER FUCKING DOLLARS. THE BITCH NEEDED SOME NUTS TIGHTENED BUT OTHER THAN THAT SHE IS A BEAUT. i then proceed to smoke all the other joints at a friends house and ride mah new skateboard all day stoned as fuck.
  2. lmao sounds like a good day

    i once had a similar situation like that but it was completly different

  3. i think that makes sense
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    i wish people left joints laying around where i live.
  5. Some random old lady pointed out to you that there were joints under where you were sitting? What kind of old lady..wtf. Wow I wish there was free pot just laying around where I lived, that's fucking awesome.
  6. Yo man one time i was sitting down then jesus was like yo you wanna be god ? n i was like sure son n he said K and thats how im god. But your story seems more extraordinary and cool :D
  7. you later found out she was getting on a plane? what did she return to town and talk to you again? and btw.....this sounds like a pre 18 story if I have ever heard one! haha

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