3 cotyledon leaves on 1 plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mokepot, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. yea i just had a plant sprout a few days ago and on one side it has 2 cotyledon leaves coming out? i have never seen this didn't even know that it was possible, is this some kind of defiencience, or am i growing a mutant? and i had another sprout come up that doesn't have its first set of leaves just the cotyledon ones why is this? thanks for any help...:smoking:
  2. It's not uncommon, I've experienced the same thing, it's a freak genetic mutation but not neccessarially a bad one. There is an extra 50% of leaves compared to a normal plant, which means it can absorb more energy and grow more than the average plant. I remember someone saying that their 3 cotyledon plant grew fatter and quicker than their normal plants, and split into three heavy tops.
  3. hey thanks for the reply...i also had a plant come up with the first set of leaves looked basically like someone had cut them in two, like the leaves only grew half way out and had a small white thing protruding from them? the stem was purple, but the new set of leaves looked good? if anyone knows anything about this as well i would appreciate it...thanks...:smoking:
  4. Usually means the seedling had a rough childhood, maybe heat or cold stress or water.
    Nothing to really worry about, as long as they have picked up they should be fine.

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