3 cotelydon seedling

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  1. I recently planted some bagseed from some good stuff and when it sprouted it had 3 cotyledon coming off of it and it seems to have 3 sets of fan leaves coming from each new node.

    just wondering if anybody else has seen this or what it may mean. any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hook us up with some pics, this one sounds interesting. When my Widow seed sprout they start with the standard pair of cotelydon and then quickly sprout what looks like a second set. By definition I don't think they really are cotelydon but they sure look that way. All cannibis strains are considerd dicotyledonous i believe?
  3. I believe what you have there is an abnormality called a whorled phyllotaxy. It's just as it looks, when 3 or more leaves grow from the same node. Rare but not unheard of. The plant will grow and probably will have 3 first serrated leaves, then 3 fans per node, continuing the 3-way growth. It can be brought all the way to flower (if female), but probably won't yield much or be very potent because of the mutation.

    But grow it on out, see what happens.
  4. here is a top pic sorry bout the quality but my camera was cheap but it does show the 3way formation. guess ill just have to wait and see what it does BILD0032.JPG
  5. I have a little one doing that too. Auto ak

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  6. hat kind of medium is that last picture in?:confused:
  7. hope not all perlite! unless hydro. looks over watered. is she ok?:D

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