3 boxes, venting and other misc Q's

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by funstarfish, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. A bit about the planned grow.

    Personal hobby grow, eventually 6 flowering plants tops, perhaps 2 or 3 flowering on the first go round. Grown in Fox farms organic with some of my garden compost and perlite mixed in. will add additional organic nutrients as necessary. may water with weak teas once a week or so.

    gonna do a seed mix from a reputable company. I don't know much about strains as i have not been exposed to much more than decent commercial. i figure a cloning system to have mothers available for ones i really like sounds nice. One company had sensei seeds 40sd mix for 55euro... figure that will start me with good genetics and i can decide what i like from there.

    Flouros for small "mother" box. either halide or flouros (both?) for the grow box. 400w or ???? 600w hps for the flower room. leaning toward 600

    Haven't decided on mom and grow box dims, but flowering box should be about 4x4x7tall. grow will probably be about 4x6x4. and mother maybe 2x2x3tall? That sound about right? I will build them all out of wood frames and panda wrap or film for simplicity unless i come across some prefabed free cab i can mod between now and then.

    MAJOR QUESTION: how well sealed will that small mother box have to be? Is there any reason it needs to be light tight? can i keep a door cracked to regulate temp and vent or should i add a fan system? this is the box i will build first and get my hands dirty a bit in some organic soil.

    Thanks all, more to follow as i make decisions on my grow boxes. then this may even turn into a grow journal.
  2. If you are running the light 24 hours on, then the box doesn't need to be light tight, but if you are doing 18 on/ 6 off, then yes the box definitely needs to be light tight. If you get the halide you will definitely need a fan system with intake and exhaust vents.

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