3.5G shroom

Discussion in 'General' started by Emohokaywhy, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. My friend / roomate picked this up.

    its ~ 3.5g

    Looks excellent.


  2. Looks awsome but this belongs in Pandoras Box.
  3. Pandoras box is NOT the other drug box :wave:
  4. Looks good man,

    but seriously, stop taking pictures and eat it :p

  5. Nah.

    "This forum is for general conversations not related to the other forums. Can't find a place to post? This is it."

    Pandoras is TOO out there for a simple shroom post i think :).
  6. holy shit

    whoever is mowin that bitch is set to get straight fucked up

    i'd split it with a bro

    and we'd both be set to get straight fucked up
  7. ok then. i guess your right. did you eat it yet or are you still sitting there staring at it??
  8. im sorry to hate but a single shroom that size should weigh like a gram or 2 max if its fully dried. crack it open and make sure the middle is dry like a saltine cracker.

    but i could be wrong, u could just have very big hands. from my experience shrooms should be very light for their size. and a 3.5 gram of nug is about that same size.

    i could be wrong so enjoy.
  9. Ya its really about 3gs i think, maybe just slightly under.

    you are correct in your info though :).

    My roommate bought an "eighth" so i was just assuming :p.
  10. Never tried shrooms, but that looks fucking nasty. Id never eat that.
  11. my first ime i ate 1.25 of some shrooms and didnt try really bad. i would eat the whole thing myself if it was me lol. i dont know about potency though so 1.5 should be fine for you and your bro.

    and to te guy above talking about taste, man up. taste lasts for a coule seconds. arent you stronger then a minute or two? swallow it down with water if you cant manup. shrooms are the shit, wish i had some
  12. Have not had Shroom's yet but i plan to change that in the near future. But it is kinda hard when you're dealing in the hood..LOL

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