3,500 Cops Who Wants Drugs To Be Legal

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bluntzilla420, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Good article without hyperbole
    "Nixon never told us what victory would look like when he declared this war, but it's a war after all and we know how wars end - they end when you defeat the enemy. We won the Second World War. That means that we don't fight the Germans or the Japanese or the Italians every six months, right? So, I'm gonna say, if we win the war on drugs, we've taken the words marijuana and heroin out of the dictionary. The drugs are gone. Let's move on. Do you believe that is possible?”

  2. I'm not an American but from the outside it feels like everyone knows this isn't really about the drugs like they say, but people have sort of gotten used to the fact that the government fights drug trafficking and drug use. Like it's just this quirky thing they do like one of your friends has a weird habit.

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