3.5 week flowering GREEN CRACK

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  1. enjoy...cant wait, its a 6-7 weeker....alot of the pistils are already amber/brownish....

    super awesome strain to grow, very easy...

    oh and also its been LSTd alot, which is why is so busy...i cant count how many budsites were created by doing this, but it def benefitted the plant...thanks for looking, enjoy

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  2. ugh i need to grab a pic of the height of this thing....the largest branch is 25 inches....its getting tall now....fun strain to grow ill say again, i have 4 vegging now, YAY :)
  3. Looks good man. Id let it go atleast 8 weeks though alot of times they put really short flowering periods to sell their seeds. The last two weeks of flowering are the most important. That is when they will swell. Other than that man it looks great
  4. i def know what u mean.....when the plant is ready i am going to chop it, not when the fucking website says to lol..

    but honestly, the pistils are already turning amber and its only been about 4 weeks...so im going to try to let it go the full 8 weeks, but i honestly think itll be at its peak between 44-50 days....

    we will see tho!! keep checking back ill def update it if ur interested! thanks for checking me out :)
  5. hey also man, and everyone else reading, whats my best bet for the final 36-48 hours?

    ive read so many different things...

    should i keep it dark that entire time?

    should i make the room much cooler?

    will this benefit THC development?

    make tighter nugs?

    what can i do to ensure the absolute finest quality buds (besides what i already have done) in the last 2 days of flowering? anything? ive even read feed ice water

  6. Be patient. There is no way that plant is going to be ready to harvest at 50 days. Even if you harvest at 8 weeks I seriously doubt the flowers will have reached their potential. Probably closer to 9 or 10 weeks for that.

    The color of the pistils simply isn't a good way to judge peak harvest. Watch the movement of the pistils more than the color. Once the buds have filled in and the pistils have receded deep into the calyxes you're golden. If you harvest before then you'll be losing a lot in every way.

    Patience. :cool:

  7. your SURE a 6-7 week indica strain would really take 9-10 weeks???? thats the whole reason i went to great lenghts to aqcuire indica seeds...if i wanted to wait 10-15 week i wouldve gotten a sativa, besides, i much prefer an indica high to a sativa all the time (to each their own)
    theres no way this plant will be alive in 6 more weeks dude....its going to be way past maturity, we will see, but im pretty damn certain of it...keep checkin back...i just took some new pics ill post them when im not busy....

    the pistils are already beginnin to recede, i know what u mean, i see that happening already, esp on the "main" stem....the cola on thats gonna be nice...i really think 8 weeks max on this plant dude....im aiming for 7....its green crack btw, if you didnt know, im not sure if i posted that on this thread...

    and thank you for the other info, helpful....i was just noting that the pistils were turning amber already, which by going by everything ive read at least lets me know the plant is maturing the the correct direction at least right? lol....from the book ive read.. "
    when 80-90% of the pistils turn an amber/brownish color, its almost time to harvest, get your micrscope out and check on trichome development...."

    i have all the patience in the world, but im not going to be over patient and let my plant lose its goodness....
    also noone even addressed my question of the last two-3 days of flowering, any hep there would be appreciated
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    I didn't say that it wouldn't be harvestable at 7 weeks, I said that you'll be losing serious potential by harvesting that early. I grow a lot of Indicas as well. Your flowers will be TWICE the size at 9 or 10 weeks than they are at 7, and the ripened trichomes will play well to the Indica strain. You need to let those buds ripen to reach max potential. Ripening takes time. Check this link: http://www.rollitup.org/harvesting-curing/210501-zeuss-take-harvesting.html

    This is what your plants should look like for full potential. Trust me. It will be worth the wait in every way. Then dry them properly and cure in glass jars for at least 6 weeks and you're golden.

    Just sharing my wisdom and experiences with you. The final choice is yours and yours alone... :cool:
  9. medical grower is right about the pistols receding into the plant. Also keep an eye on the trichomes color you want them to be mostly amber for it to be ready and to get that body high. Cloudy is premature and will result in a head high. In my experience through three grows most indicas even though they say 8 weeks are not ready till 9 atleast. You will be alot more happy if you wait trust me :smoke:
  10. And rechecking the photos, those pistils aren't even close to what I would call amber/brownish. A long way to go!

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