3.5 gal DWC maxigrow/bloom test run. moving soon so...what to do

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  1. Dealing with my first nutes/ph issue so far.

    Got some yellowing tips, and randome yellow spots appearing.
    Any tips??

    Maxigro is 10-5-14
    And I only gave her half strength feeding last res change, and have been toping with RO water accordingly.

    Yellow fan leave of lucy

    And little trinity is lokkin sick too

    PH papers saying water is good...


    Group photo
  2. What are your PPM's. I'm new to this but that's an essential number if you want to figure out your nute issues.
  3. I wish I could tell you, but I'm broke sad to say... As soon as I get paid, I have a pen I'm looking to grab, but until then no say.
  4. I feel ya. Once you can get a PPM meter it will be much easier to diagnose. Sounds like they may be getting nute burn to me. But without that meter its hard to tell. Maybe ask Jakester. He knows everything. LOL
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    I haven't grown before but I think first you'd have to get your ph under control, even if your nut levels are correct your plant can't absorb them if your ph it too high/low, right?

    Don't think those papers are anywhere near precise enough for your water's ph, you need to buy a cheap ph meter with increments no bigger than .2.
  6. Yeah... Soon ill be able to get one. I just don't understand why 30 days, and its fine, and all of a sudden, BAM, nute issue... Fickle little plants. Now I did see my buddy handling the roots with his bare hands last time I had them out of the buckets...is probly bad for root ya?

  7. lol no worries...what kinda water you using? RO or tap? she looks like she might be due for a small amount of calmag...:D
  8. and like everyone else is saying...bro...get a ppm pen asap...winging this shit without one is like the blind leading the blind :cool:=:cool:

  9. Lol good analogy. But I was using tap wated the first half, but latly I've been buying RO water fom the grocery store. I have some cal/mag plus, but its from the GO line, and organic/synthetic, does it work???

  10. idk if that will work...i try to avoid any organic in a dwc system...i usually do botincare...but if youre using RO now, and stopped with the tap...then you are definitely probably needing some calmag...

  11. I did try to make the GO line work for the dwc,(biothrive and cal/mag) but the smell/foam it made was GOD AWFUL! Maxigro has been good to me so far, but if I did need some cal?mag, what would you suggest I use? Would botanicare mix with general hydro??

    And does tap water actuall contain trace amounts of calcium and what not? At least enough for a young plant?

  12. lol well you had your experience then with organics and the dwc nasty mess huh :D

    yes botanicare is a great choice...and it does mesh well with GH which i use myself....and yes tap water does contain trace amounts of calcium :D but chlorine also....so keep that in mind :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  13. Snapped some pics... Getting slightly worse... I would rather fix this then scrap em, but if I did have to, I guess not a big deal...

    I've lost too meny plants to burns though! MUST GET PEN!!!

    Trins suffering the most right now.


    Lucy's main burn, plenty of gree growth around, but I don't want it to spread, or lose the fan leaves.


  14. once you get it sorted...the damage on those leaves is pretty much there...it wont change..but you will notice you will not see the new growth developing those spots

  15. Ugg organics=great for soil, bad for DWC :) learn the hard way sometimes. Well, I might just set some filtered tap water out tonight and top my res with that tomarow, for the time being, and next payday, its gonna be a grand ole trip to the hydro store!

    Thanks for the tips BTW, do appreciate it and all.
  16. ...how DO I "rep" on this dern thing.
  17. lol the lil scales thing in the right corner :D
  18. So, after some reaserch last night, it makes total sense that I'm experiencing a sort of cal/mag deficiency. Having recently switched to RO water, I need to supliment with somthing, so I dusted off my bottle of GO cal/mag+

    I just hope the fact its organic, doesn't effect its ability to work with maxigrow. But I have high hopes :)

    I also upped the lighting to
    6 X 23watt cfls, fo the added growth.
    Temps stay in the mid to high 70s still.

    Pic time!


    The big one after some lst action. She's getting too big!


    The litttle ones finally catching up.
    Not bad for 2" net pots and a 2 gal pail.
  19. She's alittle leggier than id like though.. not very dense is she?

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  20. So I did some unique lsting this morning before leaving for work. The big one has pretty much outgrew the bow I have for her no, so she started burning her leaves on the light up top.

    I also discovered some spidermites have come back on some of the leaves. I killed about 20 of em throught the whole plant. Ill keep my eyes on em.

    All in all, looking good. I've decided the best way to move em, is to empty them out the night before, or morning of, wrap them in a plastic bag, and stick them in some home speaker boxes I have. 24 hours in this state shouldn't harm then too much right?
    Anyways pic time!

    She looks like a tree!

    Zip ties and chains doin their job


    A nicer, more even canopy.



    My kitty yoshi, seems to enjoy the fan leaves!!! :)


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