3.5 gal DWC maxigrow/bloom test run. moving soon so...what to do

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  1. So I'm doing a journal again, to keep track of what the hecks going on in my buckets.

    In a nutshell, I started 6 seeds in rock wool, two different bag strains, and I'm down to 4. I've got a 3.5 gal bucket, and a 2gal pail I'm using for the little ones. Both are lightproofed using thermal tape.
    I have two air pumps going to airstones to keep em bubbly.

    I have two plant plants in each bucket, just for room size limits.

    Using 1 teaspoon per gallon of maxi grow right now, and that's it.

    And that's about it for now. Time for some pics!
  2. Hmmmm. Pics arnt working right now... Bummer.
    But yeah, anyways. So like I said, I'm going to be moving at the end of the month, and havnt quite decided what I'm gonna do. Maybe ill get em big and clip some clones? IDK.
    Either way, I don't think they will be coming with me.
    Oh weell, this is my first dwc, so they might end up dying anyways :)

    Anyone try maxigrow before? The dude at the hydro store really sold me on it but I'm not sure...
  3. Wtf? Pics just are not happening today or somthing? Dern app...
  4. Why not take them with??
  5. [quote name='"tharealmclovin"']Why not take them with??[/quote]

    Seems like it be too hard to pull off without anyone noticing... My roomies parents will want to help hime move and be all around.. just a bunch of problems.

    On a lighter note, I just came back from a camping trip and my god...three days and some maxigrow, and these things have EXPLODED! Here's a pic of them before I left... All four.

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  6. Aaaaand after three days!
    I hink there's somthing to this maxigro. So far, good looking.

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    Day 25

    Topped off the res today with just some plain ole water. About a gallon to be exact. Used .75ml of PH down to maintain ph level. Can't seem to find my ph strips anywhere... So I'm hoping the ph is good.

    Leaves on the bug one are curling upwards around the edge of the leaves. Not sure why.

    Root shots!

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  8. So checking on the ladies today, and the growth is exponetial! They keep getting bigger. The smaller of the two big ones is starting to get covered up...

    I've got a little bit of root rot going on with the little ones, ill be doing a res change tonight, and ill clean em up then.
    Got ahold of some RO water from the store! Woot!

    Also, any ideas on how to transport these things with out anyone noticing??? I'm kinda at a loss, their doing so well, I don't want to cut em down!

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  9. Just empty the bucket and put them in your car. They don't seem too bug yet. Just do it at night so nobody can see in.

  10. Was thinking of doing that at night, but its gonna be a long day of moving one house to the other. I'm just afraid of the roots drying out during the day time.
  11. I am going to be going through the same thing possibly. But I don't have to hide it from anyone. Id wait as long as possible to empty it.
  12. Well, it wouldn't be an issue if my damn room mate didn't have to have his parents here to help. I'm assuming they're coming with their truck somtime in the early afternoon, so I might have time to get them to the new house BEFORE they come over. But well see.

    By the way, I'm not moving till the end of the month, so they're gonna get bigger...
  13. Yeah I may actually just leave mine at the current house and visit daily. I actually haven't even started yet. But I am house shopping.
  14. So I snapped a couple pics of the ladies. Their really starting to drink some serious water. Probly top the res off tomarrow night.

    The little ones are finaly catching up to the big one. But their still far behind.

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  15. So nothing but clean, white roots here! These things keep getting bigger and bigger. RO water was the way to go, and at 39 cents a gallon, how can I go wrong??

    I've been considering downsizing to just two plants (the bigger two) just to make packing and moving easier, at this point, as long as I can save one, ill make her a mother and do some cloning down the road.


    This ones roots are turning into a green stem :) healthy?



    Top view
  16. What the heck, evertime I upload pics from my phone, there always pixilated...
  17. Topped her tonight. And topped the res off.

    PH was sittin an about 6
    These things are doing just DANDY!

    Topped area


    Nother shot of topped zone


    Roooooooots! All white!


    My kitty in the back ground

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    Shit man nice job, damn that grew fast! Do you have any idea what strains?

    Just move your small personal belongings earlier in your car, and be like "something came up at work, need to finish and be there at midday" or something when they ask why'd youve started moving already.

  19. Thanks! I'm happily suprised with maxigro. Not sure on the strains. But the big ladies are seeds from a guy I kinda know. He's been growing this one for a while apperently.
    The other two little ones are some randome bag seed.

    I have a couple ideas on what I'm gonna do. Ill figure somthing out.

    Thanks for the props :)
  20. Yeah no worries man will keep an eye on this one, I once had my parents trying to help me move out to my new place and shit when I had bags full of bongs and other gear :S

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