3 1/2ft BLACK JACK Auto:):):)

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  1. Starting to see some bud growth on my red dragon, critical + sensi star, and Carmelo!

    Second week since I flipped to 12/12.:)




    Black jack auto is starting to fatten up and lean. Gotta get some stakes for her.


    And a group shot!;)

  2. what wattage is your light? and how bigs that room 4'x4'?

    They are looking really healthy from here
  3. [quote name='"Genocide"']what wattage is your light? and how bigs that room 4'x4'?

    They are looking really healthy from here[/quote]

    Got a 600wt MH/HPS and the room is 4' wide 7' long 8' tall.

    It is eventually going to be my flower chamber. Gotta put a door up and some weather stripping.

    It is about a 300 sq ft room that I turned into two. Gonna use the other half for veg with a couple of t5s.

    Right know the soon to be flower chamber serves as both veg and flower room.

    Using my central ac vent as a intake in the flower room so I can still get those pretty colors in the summer. Got a 440cfm fan sucking the air out and blowing it in the vented attic. Got a 13" carbon filter attached to that.
  4. I think I let them veg too long trying to cater to the auto. Got them in 5 gallon fabric pots and the pots are nothing but roots! No more Room to grow down there. Plus I gotta water every 3 days cause they drink so quick!

    Lotta work but it is fun! My gf doesn't care for it but she doesn't fuck with me either because I enjoy it so much.

    Can't figure out what I like more growing or smoking! :):)
  5. Thats the same with my girl man, She's not to happy about the fact that ive moved all her clothes into another cupboard and that i probably give my plants more attention than her But she knows at the end of the day it keeps me happy so she lays off.
  6. Hell yea man! Let's smoke one for the good girlfriends! Lol
  7. Sweet Girls Man. How do You get the auto Flowers to get that big? Perfect run? I had Friends that tried some Auto and did not have Your success. They Grow great with Normal genetics, but lack size with the auto Flowers. Any tips Would be great. Thanks.
  8. Thanks man!:):);)

    To be completely honest...I don't have a fricking clue. I'm new to growing and this is only my second. The first took 6mth from seed to harvest. Long ass time.

    This one I put 4 germed seeds in pots one being the auto and all my regular girls( all different genes) are s little over 2ft tall with heavy training.

    The auto I did minimal LSTing and fed teas and super thrive. PHEd the water always between 6.3-6.5. Soil is happy frog mixed with ewc and vermiculite . 600wt light with Exuast and an oscillating fan.

    I think it is her genes because she just shot over everyone through the entire grow! As much as I would like to take credit I totally think it is genes.:)

    Oh and she was on 18/6 till 2weeks ago. Approx. 50 days from seed at the switch to 12/12

    Had to switch to 12/12 cause my others were getting to big.:)
  9. Ok so a Lil update.

    Will update later in the week cause I'm working a lot right now.

    Black jack auto is coming down in a week or 2.
    Just watered everyone and plan on making a ACT tea tue

    Everyone is on the start of week 3 from 12/12.

    Here is a group shot will post better pics wed.


    Till the next time.:)
  10. Wish we could swap samples in a few Weeks bro that stuff looks good I can't wait to get my perpetual going and getting that 600w. I'm still stuck on that auto lol
  11. Lol I would totally trade some bud with ya!:)

    Ya I just flushed the auto 2day. Looking like maybe 1 1/2 - 2 zips when all said and done. Not sure yet. I'm gonna order a couple more of her if the smokes good cause she could probably weigh so much more if I had her on at least 18/6.

    Sucks only having one light, but do far I'm happy with the results.

    Gonna post some pics in the next couple of weeks when I harvest. Can't really take any right now because my dumb ass has the light on a fucked up schedule. Lights are off when I'm home. Lol

    It's cool though cause I can feed when I get off.

    What kinda light do you have D? I thought you had a 600 looking at that monster plant you got going!;)
  12. Looks like frosty the snow man blew a load on my critical + sensi star!


    She is 2 weeks since showing flowers and 3 weeks from the 12/12 switch.

    Gonna be one frosty bitch! 6-8 week strain. Gotta lotta time to fatten up!!!!!! Yay ya!!!;)
  13. Group shot...


  14. Bout 1 week till Harvey on the black jack auto!
    Gonna put her in 3 days of dark Friday. Don't know if that will help but it's worth a try. I read it's good to harvest in the morning because of some thc production is optimal. Any of you guys tried this yet? If so good results?

    All the buds are swelling and getting hard as a rock. Trichomes are 20amber 80milky. Red hairs are going back towards the buds.

    Looks promising! Might get my two zips after all!:):):)
  15. you want to harvest just after dark period as the plants start to uptake stuff you may not exactly want or need to smoke so why have it in there

    I find it helps make them a little stickier i have experimented with 1 1/2 day and 2 1/2 day darkness
  16. [quote name='"Genocide"']you want to harvest just after dark period as the plants start to uptake stuff you may not exactly want or need to smoke so why have it in there

    I find it helps make them a little stickier i have experimented with 1 1/2 day and 2 1/2 day darkness[/quote]

    Cool thanks genocide. Hows your DWC doing man? Also any noticeable swelling during the 36 hr dark period?
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    they dont swell during dark period I notice they get a bit stickier and i beleieve it helps the trichs age a bit, the hairs definetly red up and suck in from it

    I am still testing it as I am still finishing my second harvest, did 1 plant for36 hours darknest other is going for 72 hours darkness ending tonight

    Also have a sativa pheno clone in there thats going to take another week or 2, she is mighty fine looking developing the hazeee shape nugs will get a pic up on my thread of her tonight

    Dwc girl seems to be at a stand still, not worse but not too much beter ether others flurishing Check my thread for some new pics I am taking them right now
  18. Chopping black jack auto as I type this. Had to make room for the others. Was way to crowded!


    Hope everyone is enjoying their day!:):):)
  19. Sounds like fun :hello:
  20. It was! Also a lot like work lol! Just got done and I started around 8:00am. Lots of sugar leaves. Going to get some dry ice in a sec to make some hash. Might make some more oil too! Last harvest I made oil outta kief and was stoned for hours and hours of suddenly salad! Lol

    Looking like 2 zips of bud though ( just eye balling ) maybe more maybe less. Not bad for my first auto. Really wasn't expecting much 2 be honest. Would of been happy with half a zip, cause I know they don't yield much. This sucker was a monster though !

    If the smokes good I might get 3-4 more and just do a all auto black jack grow. Could of been way bigger but I neglected her to focus my attention on the others.

    Harvested on day 74 from seed and she finished at 3 1/2 ft tall.

    Only gave her around 50 days of 18/6 then to 12/12 so she has potential to be a heavy yielder with the proper light cycle.

    All in all she was fun to watch grow.:):):)

    I'll keep posting progress of the other ladies till harvest do stay tuned!;)

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